Tue, 18 Dec 2012 03:00 EST
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Jody King-Colegrove

QT provides an in depth discussion with  Jody King Colegrove about her healing journey with Quantum Techniques (QT ) and how she uses QT in her life today to bring healing to others.

QT assisted Jody in healing both the physical and non-physical issues involved with her history of infertility.  After dealing with infertility for five years, Jody used QT to help her and her husband have their own child!  Since becoming a mother, Jody uses QT in everyday life in raising her son and clearing childhood issues around sleeping, eating, tantrums, etc.  Jody is also a contractor and expert in building non-toxic homes.  She uses QT to test clients on materials for building or remodeling their homes to ensure their home is a safe and nurturing place. 

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