Let's Talk About EMF Part Two
Tue, 09 Dec 2014 09:00 EST
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Dr. Stephen Daniel with Cheyene Stone

In this second teleclinic discussing EMF's and how they impact us, we'll interview Dr. Stephen Daniel, cofounder of Quantum Techniques to get a clear picture of how QT deals with the topic of electromagnetic frequencies.  Let's try to get the anwer to these questions:

  • How does QT define EMF sensitivity?
  • So, do you find a need to be concerned about exposure?  Or can we just talk on our cell phones, play on the wireless games, watch TV and use the computer with no limitations?
  • Have you found a relationship for EMF sensitivity and pathogens like Lyme Disease?
  • I've learned to test my supplements, diet, even my water on a regular bases using the QT principles.  Should folks check their EMF as well on a regular bases?
  • Using the QT principles, how can I check to see if I am suffering from EMF?  Can I use this same method to see if my shielding device is helping?
  • Can you expound on the concept of healthy boundaries and how it fits into environmental sensitivities like EMF?
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