About the QT Affiliate Program

Quantum Techniques' affiliate program allows you to generate some extra money while promoting our products. It is a great way to help others discover Quantum Techniques while rewarding yourself. The affiliate program makes it possible for you to play a direct role in helping others take charge of their own healing and change the mind set of health care in the world. The program is designed to be simple and easy to use and will require minimal effort on your part.

As an affiliate you receive a special Website link and affiliate ID code which you can use to direct visitors to the Quantum Techniques Website and product store. Whenever one of your visitors decides to purchase a product from our store, you receive either 10% or 25% of the product sale for that customer's purchase. We take care of all aspects of the order, including processing the transaction, making contact with the customer, if necessary, shipping the products, maintaining inventories, and handling any returns or other issues.

The program helps everyone involved. First, it helps individuals to discover the healing opportunities that Quantum Techniques offers. Secondly, it benefits Quantum Techniques by providing their products to clients who can benefit from them. Finally, it rewards affiliates by returning a portion of each purchase made by individuals they referred to Quantum Techniques.

It is not necessary to have your own website to be an affiliate, however it has its advantages in that the information on your site is always available. If you don't have a website you can still participate in our program by sending our Website links via email. If someone makes a purchase using that link, you will automatically receive the commission.

As an affiliate you will continue to be rewarded with a lifetime of commissions for each client you refer to our site. For each 'hard product' (an item that must be physically shipped) one of your referrals purchases, you receive 10% of the invoiced price; for each 'soft product' (an item that can be electronically downloaded) you receive 25% of the invoiced price.

Additionally, Quantum Techniques offers a two-tiered program for compounded rewards. What this means is that if you refer someone to our program and they sign up as an affiliate, they become part of your second tier network. You then receive 3% of all commissions paid to your second tier affiliates and there is no limit to the number of affiliates you can enroll.

Our affiliate program includes an excellent tracking system that allows you access to viewing and managing your account. You can see how your site is performing or obtain additional banners to add to your affiliate link on your website. Once you sign up for the program your account is activated and we will send you an email explaining what you need to do to get things started. And remember, there is no cost to be enrolled in the Quantum Techniques affiliate program - so take the next step and Sign-Up Now! If you have questions you can contact us.

We're looking forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with you!

Warmest regards,

Tim Damgaard
Business Manager