Quantum Techniques proudly acknowledges Academy members listed below who have graduated from Level 1 QT Proficient and Level 2 QT Certified courses! If you are interested in following in their footsteps check out the QT Academy Guide to learn more and begin your own fulfilling journey with Quantum Techniques.

Level 1 Proficiency establishes that students are able to successfully test for toxins and pathogens, build QT codes, master the QT Release Technique and perform some of the Evolution Series scans. In general, Level 1 graduates have proven themselves as competent in their abilities to understand and perform the foundational principles of practicing QT and they have participated in the QT Elite Mentoring program which ensures that they continue to learn and use the most recent QT scans and processes. 

Level 2 Certification validates that students have mastered the most advanced QT scans and processes and have progressed through rigorous training with Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel, including participation in the QT Elite Mentoring program. They are able to run all scans from the Evolution Series, and competently practice the Multidimensional, Miasm, Detox Support Layer and Umbrella scans. Being QT Certified means that graduates have achieved a level where they have an advanced and evolving understanding of QT to the point where they qualify for attending the annual in-person QT training with other QT practitioners.

Note: Quantum Techniques Proficient Membership is a prerequisite to Quantum Techniques Certified Membership; therefore, all Certified Members have fulfilled the Proficient Member requirements.

QT Certified - Level 2

Dr. Kirkpatrick, PhD, MTP, LlB, Honorary JD, graduated with honors from Harvard Law School in 1968 and practices law, specializing in assisting community groups and cooperatives in creating economic opportunities in low income communities. From the time he was a young man, he was curious about different religious traditions and spirituality. As a result, he obtained a Masters in Transpersonal... VIEW FULL PROFILE


Ubald Hullin, M.Sc. in Psychology, DCEP, graduated from University Zürich in Switzerland as Licentiatus Philosophiae in 1982 which equals the German Diploma in Psychology.  His subject areas were anthropology, clinical psychology, psychopathology and religion ethnology. He was interested in Psychology since the age of 13. In this time he had his first out of body experiences when going into... VIEW FULL PROFILE


Isaac Moore is the most recent member of the QT Elite Team to become Level 2: QT Certified, and has been working with QT for several years. Isaac graduated with honors from Georgia Tech with a degree in Chemical Engineering. Although trained in engineering, Isaac has always had an... VIEW FULL PROFILE


I grew up with a family that always used natural healing methods.  After working as a nurse for several years, my mother avoided the doctors office whenever possible. The babies got lukewarm baths for their fevers instead of aspirin, and the brother with bronchitis got onions put in his socks at night for his congestion. But like most of us, it was my own journey back to wellness that brought... VIEW FULL PROFILE


In 2018, JJ became certified in Quantum Techniques (QT). JJ served for 36 years in the US Coast Guard as a Naval Engineer and first responder. He was a sought out “problem solver” and “fixer” throughout his career. As an experienced first responder in the Coast Guard, JJ has a first-hand perspective on the impact of trauma on health and how to help people heal. Trauma is a key component of all... VIEW FULL PROFILE

My journey in Energy Medicine began when I opened a small natural foods store that I operated for 41 years. I learned so much from my customers, books, and sales reps. I took classes over the years in macrobiotics, homeopathy, herbs, Chinese herbs, essential oils, and healing touch. In 2000 I began training with Donna Eden and discovered auras, chakras, meridians, muscle testing and much more... VIEW FULL PROFILE


QT Proficient - Level 1

I live in a peaceful country setting on 5 acres with large organically grown gardens with high nutritional inputs (including the use of biodynamic inputs). I also raise fruits throughout the property. My belief is in supporting farmers raising healthy food free of any genetic or chemical contamination. Why put contaminated food into a body then try to correct the problem you created? I have been involved with using alternative medicine catering toward homeopathy, herbs, supplementation, etc...

Kris lives in Saskatchewan, Canada and has been diligently practicing QT on himself since the spring of 2016. After experiencing limited success with traditional medicine, he has used QT to address seasonal allergies, anxiety, and migraines. By working toward level 2 certification, he is furthering QT's goal to teach more people how to use it and bring this unique form of energy healing to the world. He's excited to continue to learn more about it from the QT team and to grow his own healing...


I believe in a holistic view of healing which is why I was drawn to Quantum Techniques. In many cases, people can have a variety of blocks to healing which may be from an assortment of sources. Our environment, both of a physical and non-physical nature, can impact our capacity to heal at any particular moment. I come from a background in local church ministry and the counseling field. I have a Master's in Counseling from IL State University and a Master's of Divinity and a Doctor of...