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The Asyra and Quantum Techniques

AT3 Scanner Quantum Techniques has not used machines prior to the Asyra - we attempt to teach as many of our skills as possible through self-healing products sold on this website and through personal consultation and training sessions. We do not use the Asyra as a regular part of our QT work.  It is used upon request by the client only. We chose the Asyra because of its ease and speed of use, and because we can add our own scans to the device. The purpose of using the Asyra in our QT practice is to ask the energy field thousands of questions in a short period of time; thus, decreasing the length of time it takes to run a comprehensive energetic scan. Stephen and Beth Daniel have also created their own QT custom software and have added it into their Asyra Device. The Asyra tests frequencies. There are thousands of pre-programmed energy frequencies that each correspond to different physiological conditions. The Asyra goes through around 10,000 questions of the body. In addition, Stephen and Beth have added over 26,000 energy frequencies to the pre-programmed Asyra system. If the body organ or system tests weak, then the Asyra provides the homeopathic or flower remedy frequencies to bring that system or organ back into balance. With the Asyra, as with a Quantum Techniques scan, the body reveals its weaknesses and selects the most beneficial healing frequency as well as how many issues it has the ability to work with at one time.

As with all of Quantum Techniques, our use of the Asyra is done remotely over the phone. The client sends us a picture through email or postal mail. We then use the Asyra to screen the client while they are on the phone, via their voice and their photo. We have had excellent results combining both QT and the Asyra. It typically takes 12 to 15 minutes to set up a client on the Asyra, run the scan, and give them a QT code containing the healing frequencies. We charge $125 for an Asyra scan and treatment for a new client. There is no additional charge for the Asyra for ongoing clients of Stephen or Beth Daniel. The cost is covered in their normal fee charges.

If you are interested in an Asyra scan, please email Dr.Stephen Daniel or Beth Daniel. Prior to your Asyra scan, we will need your photo, name, gender, and age. You may also write a paragraph of any presenting symptoms or issues you may have, prior to the scheduled Asyra session.

You can read more about the Asyra, and check out the research at  www.asyra.com.

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"Because of my own healing experiences with Quantum Techniques, I feel called to help others who are in the same pain and state of hopelessness I recovered from." ~Beth Daniel

"The Physician should look for the force and nature of illness at its source. He is not to look to that which can be seen, for we are not called to extinguish the smoke but the fire itself."

Theophrastus Paracelsus, M.D., Switzerland (1493-1541)

Thank you for your interest in Quantum Techniques (QT). We want to invite you on a journey that we have been on since 1998; to take charge of your own healing and change the paradigm of health care in the world. Our goal is to provide you with the tools, and consultations, when necessary, to teach you how to heal yourself and others.