DIGITAL DOWNLOAD (MP3 & PDF Files) Dr Stephen and Beth Daniel present this three part teleclinic series demonstrating live sessions with a 10 year old autistic child using her mother as a surrogate. This teleclinic series demonstrates how Quantum Techniques approaches autism. Each part includes a short discussion about autism and a live 60 minute session. Additionally, the Quantum Techniques founder provides a 15 minute live Q and A about the case or questions on autism following each treatment.

Hosted by: Dr. Stephen Daniel and Beth Daniel, MA, EdS

  • Part 1 Recorded: January 4th, 2011  Duration: 76 Minutes  Includes Transcript: 22 Pages
  • Part 2 Recorded: January 18th, 2011  Duration: 90 Minutes  Includes Transcript: 28 Pages
  • Part 3 Recorded: January 25th, 2011  Duration: 88 Minutes  Includes Transcript: 31 Pages

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