Part 1 provides examples of how to scan back and structural issues.  Part 2 includes volunteers with back pain treated live.
In this series you will learn:
  1. How to test for and correct tensegrity; two codes will be given for right and left sided weaknesses.
  2. How to test for and correct muscle weakness contributing to structural pain/problems.  A code will be given to support this correction.
  3. How to test for various tissue involvements, such as muscle, tendon, nerve tissue, bone, ligament, disc, etc. and bring those into the body’s healing awareness.
  4. How to test for and clear the major pathogens involved especially fungal dura issues and viral loads.  Additional codes will be given.
  5. How to identify and clear toxins loads.  Inhaled toxins are frequently a culprit in back pain as are inflammatory foods.
  6. How to recognize and deal with the non physical aspects of back pain.  Codes will be given to clear the emotional components.
  7. Codes for inflammation and pain relief/endorphins.
Presented by: Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel
Part 1 Recorded: Tuesday, October 18th, 2011     Audio Duration: 96 minutes     Includes Transcript: 26 Pages
Part 2 Recorded: Tuesday, October 25th, 2011     Audio Duration: 74 Minutes     Includes Transcript: 31 Pages

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