Basic Foundations Practitioner Set (Digital Download)

Basic Foundations is the only Quantum Techniques product that teaches a person how to build an individualized code for themselves or a client. This video and accompanying manual contain over three hours of instruction and teaching on how to scan the eight areas used by QT practitioners to create a complete field: physical, toxins, emotions, trauma, blocking beliefs, spiritual attachments, generational miasms and internal parts. Much of the first part of this product is a review of QT concepts found in other materials that have been updated or created since Basic Foundations was originally released, therefore the price of the product has been reduced.

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Good news! My husband was Really Suffering with the cold he caught from our son -- he said his brain felt like it was on fire. I couldn't find in my notes the piece about brain fog, but I did my best and made my very first code -- and! (Ta Da...) He felt better! His cold diminished but most importantly, his brain-fire thing went away immediately! 
KC, Colorado

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In the most recent version of Truth I, you Beth recommend Physical Scan to improve my skills. However, Stephen recommend to use Basic Foundations to improve my skills. Physical Scan is offered with a discount of $ 100. I don't care about the money. I only want to know, what is appropriate to me.

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Basic foundations is the only product that teaches you how to build a unique code per client per issue.  It teaches how to run a physical scan.  Physical Scan product teaches more advancements in scanning, but not how to build a unique code.  Depending on your goals, you eventually need both.




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Dr Tom Miller is amazing.   After dealing with EMF severly for 9-10 years - - I  had  two sessions with Dr. Miller, then. 3-4 weeks of CODE practice . Today was a PINK LETTER DAY.    Was able to leave cover-up fabrics off (except around wifi at the dentist).  The rest of the day felt FREEDOM f*****   That barefoot TIP  sure helped me.  My hat's off to  QT and Dr. Tom.   Anxious to continue beating back all layers.   BIG HUGS - DebGrace - Arizona