Become QT Proficient and Certified

Benefits of the QT Certifcation

This 3-tiered program allows you to connect with QT training at the level of your interest. If you have a passion for QT this program is for you! It offers an opportunity to learn directly from our founder and provides a means for health care professionals to add QT to their repertoire, and if desired, practice QT full time. Help us deliver this unique form of energy healing to the world. Join the QT Academy TODAY!

Get on the right track to a full, successful practice in energy healing! Prepare for the next QT Certification Training event to be held at the beautiful, historical Hassayampa Inn in Prescott, Arizona October 5-9, 2020. Start your studies today. We're looking forward to having you in the QT Academy!


Academy Guide

Track your progress with this free QT Academy Study Guide. Check your progress and find out what is next on your journey to becoming QT certified. Download yours here today!

Cutting-Edge Breakthroughs at Your Fingertips

Stay informed about the lastest developments in energy healing:

  • Access to current Quantum Techniques break-throughs
  • The best of the best mentoring in energy healing from the leaders who started it all
  • Store discounts
  • Guides to developing a successful practice
  • Advanced charts and lists to improve scans
  • Use of the QT official logo on your website, business cards and more
  • For completing Level 2, listing on the QT website free for a year


Get the recognition you deserve!  Our graduates receive a frameable certificate, access to the QT official logo and much, much more...

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Apply today free of charge and let us walk you through the process to successful certification.  QT's full time support team members are here for you.

Get started now with home study:

Start training today in the comfort of your home.

Level One

  1. Truth Techniques (learn to test)
  2. Basic Foundations (learn to build a code)
  3. Reconnection & Physical Scans
  4. Advanced Trauma Release
  5. Seat of Consciousness Scan
  6. QT Release Techniques (relieve past traumas)
  7. Chronic Illness Series (9 hour comprehensive training)
  8. 2 or more months of Elite Mentoring (one-on-one with our founder)
  9. Level 1 Exams

Level Two

  1. 4 or more months in the past 12 months Elite Mentoring (one-on-one with our founder)
  2. Cell Surface Receptor Scan
  3. Curtain Scan
  4. Recent Advancements
  5. Healing Emotional and Spiritual Issues (coming winter 2018)
  6. Miasm Scan with Detox Support Layer (call to purchase)
  7. Umbrella Scan (call to purchase)
  8. The Entry Point Scan & Early Radar Scan (email for a free copy of audio and transcript)
  9. Neuroplasticity Scan (call to purchase)
  10. Level 2 Exams