Profound Healing State


I know that when Beth found that I had been abused as a child at 4 y/o (I had suppressed that memory) it helped me bring that into my consciousness and heal it. It seems to me over the years of searching out trying different healing methods, including western medicine, the only true healing has come from remembering who I Am at the core of my being and loving myself unconditionally. It has been a combination of my experiences and my persistence to find myself that has brought me to where I am today. I feel great.


The way I met Carolee, and was introduced to Quantum Techniques was by seeing a Carolee YouTube QT treatment. From there I watched Carolee's video on imprinting the acupressure and chakra points. After reading some universal codes on the QT website I felt the energy shifts and decided to give this a try.

QT Trauma Code

A very useful skill in your healing is learning to find and treat body position memory traumas. When the body sustains a severe trauma, it often develops a body position memory trauma. This means that whenever the body is placed back in the position where it sustained the trauma, it goes into a fear state. This is often an issue with sleeping problems, feeling stressed while driving or seated in a dental chair. Many times a child or an adult was traumatized while lying on their back. This can be a sexual trauma, a surgical procedure or simply lying in bed and hearing parents in a fight.

Profound Love

Profound Love from Quantum Techniques

This Quantum Techniques code is designed to help shift the cells of your body out of a fear state into a state of peace and love. Cells that are stuck in a fear state stop normal daily functions which involve absorbing nutrients and excreting toxins. This puts tremendous stress on the cell from the overload of toxins that begin to build until the cell is moved out of the fear state.  

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