Trauma Release


Dear Stephen,
I am writing to tell you about the client who couldn't quit smoking from hypnotherapy that i wrote to you about earlier this week. It was my most amazing QT experience ever. He arrived in a dark/grey cloud, which I attributed to him being a smoker. He told me he had a lot of damage at L-4, always in pain, and a lot of trauma in his childhood.


Thank you so much for everything. I just wanted to let you know that I am doing well and feel tremendous relief. I want to thank you for your persistence in getting to the root trauma and releasing it from my energy. I am so grateful for you and the work you do. You are amazing! I am sure I will be talking to you soon but I wanted to let you know how thankful my family and I are for all of your help in healing this trauma.


This is Holly.
When Holly had to start going to a new babysitter, she suddenly acted terrified to be left and refused to do anything at home or at the babysitter without somebody holding her, or at least holding her hand.
She would not even walk anywhere at home without holding someone's hand. She cried constantly at home and at the sitter.

QT Trauma Code

A very useful skill in your healing is learning to find and treat body position memory traumas. When the body sustains a severe trauma, it often develops a body position memory trauma. This means that whenever the body is placed back in the position where it sustained the trauma, it goes into a fear state. This is often an issue with sleeping problems, feeling stressed while driving or seated in a dental chair. Many times a child or an adult was traumatized while lying on their back. This can be a sexual trauma, a surgical procedure or simply lying in bed and hearing parents in a fight.

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