A very useful skill in your healing is learning to find and treat body position memory traumas. When the body sustains a severe trauma, it often develops a body position memory trauma. This means that whenever the body is placed back in the position where it sustained the trauma, it goes into a fear state. This is often an issue with sleeping problems, feeling stressed while driving or seated in a dental chair. Many times a child or an adult was traumatized while lying on their back. This can be a sexual trauma, a surgical procedure or simply lying in bed and hearing parents in a fight. Many times the memory of the original trauma is lost, making it harder to find and heal. The following is how to find and heal this issue.

If you know of a specific trauma, such as a severe auto accident, place yourself in that position and muscle test the statement, “I want to be healthy.” If it tests weak, put your body in that position and repeat the QT trauma code:
until, when you muscle test, you test strong on, “I want to be healthy.”

If you do not know of a specific trauma, focus on, or position yourself in each of the following positions: lying on your back, lying on your stomach, lying on each side, seated, seated with your hands as if holding a steering wheel. If any of these positions test weak, repeat the QT trauma code until you can be in that position and test strong. Remember, with QT, there is no need to remember or relive a trauma for healing. On rare occasions, a person may find that he or she still tests weak in a certain position, even after repeating the QT trauma code several times. If this is the case, please contact a Quantum Techniques practitioner.

Stephen Daniel, Ph.D.