Join Dr. Carolee Johnson as she presents a new three part teleclinic series on clearing blocks to abundance, QT style!

Listen to how Dr. Carolee Johnson went from being very ill and destitute to making more than $150,000/year and feeling fabulous in less than 5 years, by breaking limiting and blocking beliefs. Dr. Carolee will teach you how to find and break through your own blocking and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in fear and destitution. You will receive tools to find out what is holding you back from achieving your dreams - even if you haven't learned to self-test yet.

Learn and understand the laws of abundance and gratitude. Discover everything you didn't know about the Law of Attraction and why you need to have all of the missing pieces to make it work.

Presented by: Dr. Carolee Johnson
Part 1 Recorded: May 17th, 2016     Audio Duration: 67 minutes    
Part 2 Recorded: May 24th, 2016     Audio Duration: 56 Minutes   
Part 32 Recorded: May 31st, 2016     Audio Duration: 44 Minutes