I live in a peaceful country setting on 5 acres with large organically grown gardens with high nutritional inputs (including the use of biodynamic inputs). I also raise fruits throughout the property. My belief is in supporting farmers raising healthy food free of any genetic or chemical contamination. Why put contaminated food into a body then try to correct the problem you created? I have been involved with using alternative medicine catering toward homeopathy, herbs, supplementation, etc for a long time. My background is in a trade and later in the engineering area after obtaining several college degrees. I took college classes in many areas for many years because of my love of learning. I wanted to be able to take something I learned and apply to my everyday life. My life long experience has gone far in developing skills in finding the root cause of an issue. Whether this be in repairing equipment, building construction projects, or figuring out health issues. My desire has always been to own the problem and solve it. My best ideas come in the middle of the night to a complex problem.

I live with my wife Becky whom I have been married to for over 27 years. I have learned much from her. She is a 3rd generation ordained minister with a doctorate in pastoral counseling. Fortunately we share pretty much the same belief system. This quality is a major plus in our relationship.

It is a privilege to learn and practice Quantum Techniques. I understand I am just a conduit between myself and the divine to heal myself and others. I came to Quantum Techniques at a different stage of life than most. This stage where I am at seems to have started many years ago. I just did not recognize it. I can remember being healed of pain on the side of a country road years ago, though not understanding the whole picture of it at the time. Many times I have had other incidents of miraculous events in my life. I look back now and see these for what they were. There is a saying "if we don't understand something, we just believe it did not happen". It is something I am glad I was able to go through even if I did not understand it at the time. Where I am at today is where I am supposed to be now.

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Wed, 13 Dec 2017