Ubald Hullin, M.Sc. in Psychology, DCEP, graduated from University Zürich in Switzerland as Licentiatus Philosophiae in 1982 which equals the German Diploma in Psychology.  His subject areas were anthropology, clinical psychology, psychopathology and religion ethnology. He was interested in Psychology since the age of 13. In this time he had his first out of body experiences when going into deep trance with autogenic training. He is working on his spiritual development since then and has become an officiated cleric.

Not convinced in his heart by mainstream university psychology he was working in the international pharmaceutical market research and in pharmaceutical companies training hundreds of pharmaceutical representatives in substances and sales and was head of health policy. He was a leading consultant in the health care industry working for the leading banks in Germany.

His wife Cornelia was always insisting on him working as a psychotherapist in a psychological practice, which he opposed due to his personally disappointing studies. But the financial crisis in 2008 changed the perspective for the banks he was consulting with to the worse. And this occasion brought new motion to him working as a full-time psychotherapist.

In that time he discovered energy psychology with amazing results on his own personal stubborn reflexes and weaknesses and in easily controlling conditions of back-pain for his wife. He was looking for a sincere way of learning and practicing this art and science and became in 2012 the only European consultant for ACEP, the scientific association for comprehensive energy psychology. He was honored by being trained by the founders of ACEP, David Gruder, PhD and Dorthea Hover-Kramer, PhD.

In this time he came to know the unparalleled work of Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel concerning promptness and sustainability of healing. Dr. Daniel encouraged him to become a Master in Neurolink, which he accomplished in 2013. During this time his studies of Quantum Techniques became the hub of his psychological day to day work, which extended now into energy medicine for the benefit of his clients.

Ubald lives with his wife in Stuttgart, Germany.

Certified on: 
Sun, 31 Jan 2016