Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel present this teleclinic about clearing frozen emotions. Many times there is a frozen emotional field that blocks a person from healing a chronic physical and/or emotional issue. EFT and Quantum Techniques are very effective for clearing your own emotions. In their current application, EFT and Quantum Techniques have seemed unable to heal some specific chronic issues. If you feel you have done extensive physical and emotional work and still feel "stuck", this teleclinic is for you. Consider that many emotions and thoughts that you experience do not belong to you or were not your creation in the first place. In this teleclinic you learn more about our new successful technique for clearing these fields so that you may be free of them once and for all! We give you a step by step outline of how to clear frozen emotions. Demonstrations are included. Learning this technique requires that you be able to muscle test or use a pendulum accurately. This is the first in a series of stand alone teleclinics that do not require previous theoretical understanding for rapid healing. These techniques attempt to bridge chronic physical and emotional issues (which have been unconsciously driven) into present moment consciousness for rapid and permanent healing.
Recorded: August 17, 2010     Duration: 78 Minutes     Includes Transcript: 22 Pages