ADD/ Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Dr. Stephen Daniel was able to cure my daughter of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and significantly improve Attention Deficit Disorder, so that she now needs no medication for either. These treatments have literally given her back her life!  --KLM, NJ


My child was diagnosed with ADHD 18 months ago and put on a powerful drug by our family doctor. I don't know what was worse, the ADHD or the effects of the drug on my son. I just believed in my heart that there was a better solution. Today my son is doing great in school, has NO ADHD symptoms, and is not on any drugs. Quantum Techniques has given me back my son. QT may seem crazy at first ­DO IT ANYWAY!"   --Ann


It may seem crazy - DO IT ANYWAY! Child completely healed of ADHD symptoms, off medications, and excelling in school. --Ann

Adrenal Fatigue and TMJD

Hi Carolee,  Thank you for all of your help. Without the non-physical and physical clearing we have done I don't see how I would have gotten to where I am today. I feel you have been the perfect person to help me. The combination of QT and a good chiropractor is giving me my life back. Three weeks after having my atlas adjusted with an Atlas Orthogonal chiropractor I was able to put down the medication. This may not have happened without QT. Clearing of the non-physical fields has been essential for my healing. I feel happier, more relaxed, and more loving. After I have stabilized I will continue my QT studies. I have foggy brain from all the changes I have been experiencing. In the meantime, I have my clipboard with codes I am using currently. Several times a day I run codes. With Love & Light, Lyn


I was diagnosed 28 yrs. ago with an anxiety disorder called agoraphobia. Everyday I had panic attacks, palpitations, dizziness, etc. I wasted so much time and money on doctors, therapists, and medicine. I got worse not better. I was ready to try anything when my therapist referred me to a Quantum Techniques practitioner. Since then, my life has completely changed. I found out that the panic attacks were caused by allergies. I was allergic to just about everything I ingested, touched, or inhaled.

Most of the time my body reacted with a panic attack but as I got worse I started getting migraines that lasted for days, hives, metal taste in my throat, jaw and back pain, etc. Using QT, the toxins were identified and cleared. Finally, I had a way to treat myself and stop the "panic." I was ready to give up on life...tired of living everyday in fear. I am very thankful that God used Quantum Techniques to give me my life back!  --S. Land


I am 19 years old and have had terrible allergies all my life. I was so sick of taking pills and sprays and I felt like a pincushion from the weekly shots. My mom threatened me into working with a QT practitioner. After about 3 hours of work over a six­week period, my allergies were gone and have not returned. THANK YOU!  --Jason

Dr. Daniel taught me his Seat of Consciousness technique. I love it! It’s as easy as EFT & 100 times more powerful. My life-long anger has lifted. I’m seeing life in new ways and I’m helping friends see similar results. --Rebecca, California
Animal Healing

I wanted to thank you for the work you did with my dog. Cisco was losing weight, hair, and was listless before you treated him. I am amazed that he could have such a reaction to simple flea and tick bites. He was dramatically better by the next day. You are our hero!  --C.F. 

Animal Healing

Since you treated my horse for her phobia of getting into the trailer, both of us are much happier. She had injured me before because of her fear. Now we both are relaxed and she enters the trailer like it was never a problem. I am going to try the same sequence for her reactions to clippers. If it doesn’t clear, it I will call and we can work on that as well.  --K.W.

Animal Healing

I didn’t realize how much your work could do! Thank you so much for helping me with my horses’ distemper. It is really nasty and normally I have to let it run its course. It has been epidemic in this area for several months. The horses you have treated did much better than others. They had only minimal symptoms and seemed completely over it in a couple of days. Without treatment, it takes at least two weeks to recover.  --T.H.

Animal Healing

Hi Steve, I wanted to tell you that one hour after the treatment for my Rottweiler’s hip trauma he was at least 80% better. His attitude went from growling at me to being a happy pup again; he was even jumping and running!

Sincere thanks, D.T.

Animal Healing

A QT Miracle with our Lovebird, Tiki

Our lovebird Tiki flew out of the self-contained environment we set up for her and ended up in our cat's jaws.  My husband was able to free Tiki but she was limp, gurgling on her own blood and had blood running down both nostrils - we truly thought this was it!

While transporting her to an emergency veterinary clinic I silently read the trauma code many times.  I also tested Tiki and asked her higher self if it believed she possessed the healing intelligence to survive and her body said yes.

When we arrived at the clinic Tiki  was still alive, and though her breathing was strained, the gurgling and bleeding had completely stopped.  She was placed in an incubator with oxygen.  The vet explained to us that her situation was very critical and that even surviving the injury would not mean she would not succumb to an infection later on.

After an hour the vet returned to ask for consent to leave Tiki overnight.  I tested her to see if it was in her best and highest good to come home and recover or to stay in the hospital.  Her body said it was best to come home.  When my son and I went in to see her and she heard our voices she began chirping excitedly and actually JUMPED out of the box she was in!  The vet turned pale and announced "This bird needs to go home!"

We took Tiki home and read the Profound Love Code for her about twice an hour, and later twice a day.  By day three we knew she was most likely safe from infection.  I continued to muscle test and found that she could reduce the frequency of her antibiotic dosage.  I checked her foods and made adjustments so that nothing was reversing her.  Ten days later Tiki is vibrant, energetic and back to her old self.  This comes as a great surprise to our vet and other bird aficionados familiar with Tiki's traumatic experience.  We are very grateful for this miraculous recovery, and for our miracle bird!

Liz D.

Animal Healing

We have a tadpole who has not sprouted legs for 7 months. He should've been a frog 4 months ago. A light bulb went on. I checked him this morning and he was reversed (from inhalants/contactants). I did the standard treatment on him. My daughter came and got me to show me that he had sprouted legs 2 hours later!

I want to thank you for developing this gift which is saving my life.
Love,  C.L.

Animal Healing

I would like to share something with your clients about this week’s episode with our Yorkshire Terrier, Zowie who weighs 4 pounds and is 4 years old.  In the last 25 years we have had 8 Yorkies, and some have died from a collapsed Trachea.

Tuesday April 10th our very energetic Zowie came into my office upstairs to play with her toys.  Then my husband came home and she was up/down the stairs with toys, running, etc.   Shortly afterwards I notice the – all too familiar sound – of  Honking - which can mean a collapsed Trachea.  When I arrived home after a meeting that evening the Honking had intensified, to where there was no sleep all night for her and I.

Wednesday April 11th I was at our Vet’s office when it opened.  It is an hour’s drive and all animals get great care there.  With the long drive, and waiting in the office the “Honking’ was not present upon the Vet’s examination.  I was very relieved to find that her heart was ok.  Vet said to give her some Benadryl to calm her down if needed. Coughing/choking/gagging started on the drive home.  I was thinking that I would be making this drive in the morning to have her put down.

It didn’t stop, at 2 p.m. I left a call back request with Dr. Daniels who would only be in his office until 4 p.m. At that time I had to hold her up so she could breathe.  4p.m. came and no call, at 4:20 Dr. Daniels call and apologized as he was behind schedule.  He could hear the sounds she was making.

Doing the scan, he found the right Kidney was a 10, left Kidney a 1, with infection.  He said he would never thought of that being the cause.  He did his corrective work on the phone, gave me a product to order for Kidney Support for rebuilding cells.

15 minutes after hanging up the phone I notice a difference, the healing change continued and in the evening she was resting comfortable with occasional episodes of distress.  During the night only got up 2 times.
Yesterday Thursday April 13, absolutely no sign of any illness.  PRAISE GOD!! 

Today, Friday still healed.  Dr. Daniels has save my life and some family members; 2 and 4 legged over the years.  I call him ‘my one-stop shopping center’.  --Jean, CA


Anxiety & Depression

I had been on anxiety medication for more than 15 years. The cost and the dosages kept getting higher and higher. I didn't know anything about energy medicine and it sounded silly to me. Boy was I wrong! After two hours of working with my QT practitioner, NO MORE ANXIETY!  --John


Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Chronic Back Pain

With the help of QT I have healed panic attacks and severe anxiety, chronic back pain, old surgical pain and trauma, a severe sinus infection cleared in 2 days with no antibiotics, cleared a severe toxic reaction to carpet glue in my office, as well as many, many parts issues and old traumas. We are on the way to healing ADHD and school issues in my sons. We also cleared my son of poison ivy in 3 days with very little pain or itching. His reactions are usually so severe a hospital visit and steroids are all that would work. QT has changed my life. Just knowing this healing modality is available whenever I need it has given me such peace of mind.  --MA

Asthma, Arthritis

Dr. Daniels,
I was curious if the last code you gave me would cause my asthma, headaches (lot's of mucus in the sinus area) and arthritis to surface, and if so, will it pass soon. I'm assuming it is just working through, but maybe there is another reason it's happening that I should be aware of. I was around a dreadful perfume the night it happened, but I also started the new code that day.  Please let me know if there is something else I should be doing.
I also wanted to say thank you!! Because of you my health (and awareness about my health) is so much better. I haven't felt this good in years. I feel I'm finally getting my life back. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Love and Light, Eileen

Back Pain

My husband and I are so grateful for all your wonderful help. My husband has made a miraculous (and I do mean miraculous) recovery since we talked to you. It has meant a lot to us because we wanted to travel across country via our RV for our son's graduation and our niece's wedding. Before we talked with you and received your help, there was no way we could have made the trip. My husband was in constant pain, on pain medication and needed my help to do everything. There certainly was no way he could go on a trip much less drive. The terrible fall he had taken just 7 days before the trip had rendered him totally helpless.

After we talked to you and started doing what you recommended, he was able to not only go on the trip but also do most of the driving. Plus, after being on pain medication constantly, he only used one more pill after he started your treatments. Because of your help, we arrived at the graduation and the wedding on time and enjoyed them both. We can't say enough because all the traditional and other alternative treatments we tried first did not help at all. In fact, some were counter productive. Thanks again for all your help.

Take care and Blessings, Keren

Blood Disorder

Hi Steve, Well, what an amazing lady you have in Beth. She spent 30 minutes with Sue on the phone this morning and I would say she covered more in that time than the medical profession could in 50 years. I'm sure Sue will also email Beth, but please pass on from us how amazing it was to hear what she was able to do. I was blown away when I saw you both on Gary Craig's DVD, again on the TT1 - but sitting with Sue this morning and hearing how Beth could pick up so much stuff left me speechless. I'm still running around thinking, "How on earth can she pick all that up?". We then went on to David Holden, Sue's ND, and he was very very pleased (and again I'm sure Sue will fill Beth in with more details). Many thanks and God Bless.  --Brian

Blood Pressure

My last appointment with you was very powerful.  I am down to 1/2 pill of blood pressure medicine a day and my blood pressure is 120/75 and pulse 65.  I know I don't need the other half of pill but am getting off it slowly.  I am so grateful for you, Steve Daniels and Quantum Techniques.  --Jennifer

Brain Function

I was surprised during my first QT appointment to suddenly feel my lungs were full of air. It was as if whatever had been restricting my breathing suddenly dissolved and I took a deep, easy breath for the first time in my conscious memory. – A. H.

Breast Cancer

I am a stage 4 metastatic breast cancer patient and have been battling the disease for over 5 years. After a year in chemotherapy I entered remission and over the next 4 years tried just about every holistic therapy I could find to maintain remission. Nothing worked.

My tumor markers were climbing each month and I was praying to God for a solution. A friend of my husband’s called and introduced me to Quantum Techniques (“QT”). So Igave it a try. After a few calls my energy level soared and was better than it had been in years. I also had been having nose bleeds for over a year. The ear, nose and throat doctor gave me ointments and finally cauterized the area in the nostril. And yet the nosebleeds continued. After one QT treatment for it, I have not had a nose bleed in 5 months.

My oncologist wanted to put me back on chemotherapy which immediately terrified me and put me into a fear state because I had an allergic reaction resulting in anaphylactic shock during my first chemotherapy treatment at the time of my diagnosis. The QT practitioner tested the proposed chemotherapy and it turned out that it would be very beneficial for me to take it and I would not have a bad reaction to it.

My oncologist said it would take some time for the chemotherapy to start working and not to expect any results the first month. The blood tests showed my tumor markers dropped 48 points in that first month which is incredible!  A friend of mine was on the same chemotherapy regimen last fall and her tumor markers kept rising with no positive benefit from the chemotherapy. I believe that QT made the difference in my case by increasing my brain - body communication and helping me access my body’s original DNA blueprint for healing.

QT treatments have also helped me deal with the side effects of the chemotherapy.  I look forward to clean scans soon and the discussion with my oncologist about ending the chemotherapy.

My heartfelt thanks go to the founders of QT and my practitioner.  --D. C.

Carbuncle and Arthritis

I wanted to let you know what has been happening with me since your Teleclinic. You mentioned a number of things wrong with me, including impaired Lymphatic system, Liver, Gall Bladder, and the Pituitary. At the time, I had a severe carbuncle in my armpit. It was severely infected, and it had smelled of rotten flesh for a couple of days, even though I was doing everything to take care of it that I knew how. The whole area was getting red, with a streak going toward my hand. I was thinking ‘gangrene’ and hoping that I was wrong.

The day after you worked with me the redness was two-thirds gone. Two more days and the redness was gone and the infection was getting better and no longer smelled as it had; what a relief. Today there is a small lump left in the skin but it seems to be disappearing. Also, my left ankle has been badly swollen for almost a year. The doctor took x-rays and said it was arthritis and that nothing could be done about it except to take aspirin and water pills. The swelling started going down the day after the teleclinic and is all gone except around the ankle bones. I’m excited; looks like this year I’ll be able to get my feet into some of my nicer shoes. The liver and gall bladder had been giving me a lot of pain before; only a twinge or two now. Now about weight loss; you told me a number of things to stop eating and I did my best. Four days later when I got on a scale, I was 4 pounds lighter. At the time of the teleclinic I had a huge spare tire around my midriff; now it’s practically gone! Some of the stomach is gone and it seems that some of the thighs are too!

All this in two weeks!!! And you didn’t even know my Name!!! Amazing!!! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I believe that you saved my life. Thank you also for the list of products that I should take to eliminate my fungal infection. ..

Oh, and one more thing… the arthritis pain in my little finger has stopped throbbing. That’s a Big thing all on its own… After you put all of that effort and expense into learning a healing modality, sometimes you wonder if you are actually helping anyone. I couldn’t receive all that help and not let you know about it. You are VERY GOOD at QT. And your personality has a nice comfortable quality about it. I’m thankful to our Grand Creator that you felt like reaching out to me. Thank you again! Health and Happiness to you too, Karen

Karen’s Update: My Lymphatic system is continuing to work; at least it seems obvious to me because the swelling in my left ankle is hardly evident at all. (As I may have mentioned before, my ankle was so swollen for most of last year that my doctor gave me a Handicap placard for my car.) I’m walking so much better now. The fat and cellulite are continuing to dissolve at a slow steady pace and I Love it. I was able to get into a skirt and 2 blouses that didn’t fit 2 months ago. There’s no way to know if my Pituitary, Thyroid, Liver, and Gall Bladder are better, but I do know that there’s only been a little pain in the Liver/Gall Bladder area, where there had been very much before you worked with me.

Cardiovascular Disease

So who knew that what I thought was wimpy lungs was actually cardiovascular disease????   Within days of the first code (to treat my heart and cardiovascular system) and taking omega 3 oils as recommended, I was no longer getting out of breath.  Today I went to work out, for the first time since early summer.  I went two circuits with no breathlessness at all!  Plus the two times I checked my heart rate, I was right on target for my age group! Amazing!  --Ellen


OK! This is so COOL! My cellulite is going away for the first time since I was a teenager!  I love being healed! --J.S.  Spring, TX

Childhood Anxiety

My daughter was getting very anxious when I put her into her car seat (capsule) and she used to cry until she fell asleep with the movement of the car. Steve ran a scan very quickly and gave her a code which worked instantly. I didn’t tell my husband I’d rung Steve to see if he noticed anything. The next time he put her in the seat he noticed she wasn’t crying anymore. I revealed her code under her bottom which stays there permanently and she hasn’t been anxious in the car seat since. I’m grateful to the QT practitioners for all their hard work in this field and look forward to working with them for many years to come! Many Blessings, Sarah, Australia

Childhood Bladder Issue

I have listened to all of the clinics so far and am so excited about these. I think I continue to heal just at a slower pace doing it on my own. I do however plan to work with a practitioner again when things pick up economically as that is such faster results. I feel confidant enough to do the scans on my family and love it. My 6 year old daughter got her first bladder infection and was screaming one night. I read the codes for this several times and she quieted but was scared to go to the bathroom every time. I read the codes for her over the next 2 hours and she was doing miraculously better. The next morning it was completely gone! I have never seen a bladder infection that was so obviously this bad go away without antibiotics. I have been telling everyone. A few weeks later she got another very slight twing and asked if I would read the letters to her again (so cute) we did and she was fine. Thankyou so much  --Melissa Z.

Chronic Complex Case

Finally! 28 years of agoraphobia, allergies, migrains, hives, TMJ, and back pain. QT treatments stopped symptoms.
Relief! I had struggled for years with headaches, anxiety, body picking, irritablity, and viruses. QT changed my life by relieving all of these. ~ Anonymous

Chronic Complex Case

It's hard to believe, but we started working together one year ago today (July 30, 2007) to heal me from the inside and out. What an amazing year it's been!

When I first called you, I was suffering from exhausted adrenals, a lump on my thyroid that TWO doctors blew off even after I told them that my mother had thyroid cancer. I was over weight, out of energy and suffering from ulcerated colitis for 30 years. My hormones were so out of whack that I had to take birth control pills every day, no placebo. That was to prevent massive blood loss and helped keep me sane. I was diagnosed with a bad case of endometriosis. Oh, and how could I forget that raging fungal infection that thrived in me from head to toe. The fungal infection caused both my big toe nails to be thick and partially detached. I was always embarassed for people to see my feet.

Those were only my physical issues.

The emotional issues ran even deeper. One of my biggest issues was feeling abandoned. My birth parents gave me up for adoption and then my new parents divorced when I was a year old. I was sent to what I'll call a "religious farm" when I was 10 years old and assorted step mothers kept coming and going out of my life. In other words, people kept leaving me and I kept being sent away.

I knew I was a mess and I was counting on Quantum Techniques and you to help me. And that you did! I hate to say this, but I felt as if QT was my last and only hope. Doctors didn't help me, they just gave me a band-aid and sent me out the door. Psychotherapy helped me take the edge off some of my emotional issues but that's as far as that type of healing could go...just enough to get me through the day.

My thyroid was the first to heal. The lump was gone in six weeks and I lost 25 lbs! That put me back at my normal weight and I'm happy to say that I'm still there. Healing my thyroid was huge to me. Knowing that my mother had her thyroid removed and now suffers with trying to get her meds right, scared me. I didn't want to suffer like her. Fortunately, I won't have to. When people saw how much weight I lost in such a short amount of time, they were amazed and wanted to know my secret. I have to laugh because when I told them how I lost the weight, they thought I was nuts and that energy healing was too weird for them. Those people still have not lost their weight. Too bad for them.

It took a while for my adrenal glands to heal since they were exhausted. I didn't realize the constant state of fight or flight that I lived in. Now that I've healed so many emotional issues, I'm calm and no longer live in a constant state of threat. That has freed up so much of my energy, it's amazing.

I'm thrilled beyond words to say that I no longer take birth control pills. When I went off them this month, my body took over just like it's supposed to. I could never get off birthcontrol pills without QT. While healing my hormones, I was a bit surprised at all the emotions and trauma that were attached. I knew that emotions play a part in women's hormones but I didn't realize the depth.

As for my big toe nails being a mess from the fungal infection, they are nearly normal, only a fraction left to grow back like they are supposed to look. I'm thrilled to no longer be ashamed of my feet!

The emotional healing that I have experience is beyond words. We healed major issues related to the abuse from my step-mom who raised me, to the relative who threatened to rape me, to my dad sending me away to the "religious farm" where as a 10 year old I begged God to let me die, to the trauma that started in the womb with my birth father beating my mother and them sending me away. There were other issues along the way, so many it's hard to recount in one sitting.

Thank you for all you've helped me with this year. I can't count the times I've called you crying needing your strength and wisdom to lean on. You were always there for me. You're a true gift to me and to everyone who works with you.

With deepest gratitude, respect and love, Wendy Baldwin, Park City, UT

P.S. You and QT have my permission to use any or part of the above to promote yourself and/or QT. Feel free to use my whole name and where I'm from. I'm proud of what I've gone through and do not need to hide in anonymity.

Chronic Complex Case

To put it in one sentence, my work with the Daniel’s has given me my life back. I have struggled with physical issues all my life but 20 years ago my health worsened dramatically. I had sudden attacks of pain that were so debilitating that I couldn’t move or hardly breathe. I just wanted anyone to put me out of my misery. But noone in either traditional or alternative medicine had any answers. I even had gallbladder surgery and 3 months later, the attacks started again. I was so fatigued that I often was back in bed by 10 AM. Life was not very much fun and my activities were very limited. Then I began to work with the Daniel’s. I began to feel better right away. My fatigue began to lift and they pinpointed the cause of the pain. Since I now know what causes the pain, I now have answers to deal with it. Before, the attacks might last for a day. Now, within seconds, I can stop the pain with QT before it worsens. My husband and I almost didn’t make use of the Daniel’s services because of the cost. We had already spent so much money on other things and most of it didn’t help at all. After watching them help others, we decided to take a chance. And we are both glad that we did. Before, I was just surviving and hoping the Lord would take me home because life was so tough. I now feel like I have a life that is worth living.  --Keren

Chronic Depression and Anxiety/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

You have to know how grateful I am for all the work we’ve done. I’m feeling all at once, that my food (and life!) reactions are greatly diminished. I’m feeling that I’m finally “getting it!” My sadness and melancholy is almost completely gone and I just have a good reaction to people and situations in general. Thank you for your cutting edge knowledge, kindness and everything.  --Dena

Chronic Depression and Anxiety/Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Quantum Techniques was completely successful in eliminating my daughter’s symptoms of chronic depression and anxiety. In addition, the QT method of toxin elimination healed her of obsessive­compulsive disorder and significantly improved her attention deficit disorder, so that she now does not need medication for either. These treatments have literally given her back her life.  --KLM

Chronic Fatigue and Environmental Illness

There's no way to tell you all of the profound changes in my life that I've experienced with QT. I am simply a new person now with healthy beliefs, healthy body and mind, with only tiny remnants left of a HUGE amount of emotional baggage that I now believe caused my serious illness.

Five years ago I was bedbound, constantly tired but unable to sleep well, unable to think straight, allergic to almost everything I ate, smelled, or came into contact with, depleted of all hormones, anxious and depressed to the point of being suicidal several times, constant infections, anemia, gynecological problems, and relationships- well, to say I attracted losers is an understatement. That's the short list. I was seriously ill and it was made worse because no doctor could find anything wrong with me (except the hormones and anemia) and either dismissed me or gave me drugs. I also lost friends who couldn't understand what was wrong with me (when I appeared in public, I looked normal).

I was relentless in trying to get help. I did alot of research on my own, and tried many alternative therapies. After exhausting the help of local doctors, with no lasting relief, I spent thousands of dollars and months of time traveling to clinics all over the country, each claiming to be able to help me. By then I was ready to try anything, no matter how wierd, if only it would help. I refused to accept that there was nothing wrong with me, though my faith was sorely tested many times as each new treatment failed to have lasting results. The hopelessness at times was wrenching.

Chronic Fatigue and MCS/Environmental Illness are not simple diseases and are not quick fixes because there are so many layers. QT is able to get to the root causes on an energetic level and actually change beliefs (it still blows me away how I think so differently about things today), neurotransmitter and hormone production, heal old stored traumas (another MAJOR piece for me; I had no idea how much of an effect old abuses, guilt, shame, abandonment, hurtful relationships, parental issues, etc., etc  had on how I felt). QT is like the roto-rooter of the soul; it cleans out everything negative and changes the frequency of your cells to joy and happiness, which heals the immune system and every other system out of whack.

Just a few examples of things that have changed:

  • I can now eat almost anything, which is a miracle in itself.
  • I can be in public places like malls, stores, theaters, etc. and not react to perfumes, cleaning supplies, and the myriad of things I used to react to
  • I can travel again!
  • I can fill my gas tank
  • I have started a new business that I love
  • I have a house I love
  • I now attract loving caring people into my life and I feel my heart is open for the first time in my life
  • My self-esteem and confidence is simply unrecognizable from where it was; I truly feel good about myself. The funny thing is before I started QT, I didn't know I had such a poor self-image; it's only in looking back and noticing the difference that I see how far I've come and this has been a side-effect of working on the physical issues.
  • There is no heavy-metal toxicity in my body
  • I no longer get constant infections
  • I no longer spend days in bed
  • I no longer have crippling depression. My view of the world is of a beautiful, wondrous place where we'remeant to be happy and joyful.
  • I have a loving relationship with God now, another side-effect not because QT is a religious program   --P.C.
Chronic Fatigue and Fibromyalgia

Healed in only two months! Had tried more than 100 traditional and alternative therapies for 25 years of chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. --Mary

Chronic Illness

I feel significantly better after our call on Friday. I am excited about my new found hope in QT. Thank you! Your time & efforts in helping me are greatly appreciated. --Debbie

Chronic Migraines

Chronic migraines had become not only my illness, but also my identity. Imitrex was as common a name around my home as orange juice. What can I say? Since Quantum Techniques, I haven't had a migraine in six months. That's the best money I have ever spent.  --Laurie

Chronic Pain

Dear Steve, Will be as brief as possible. This is just to let you know that I've had an incredible breakthrough and that I am so grateful to you for your help. Following our session last night, I woke feeling so ill that I went straight to work on the problem you helped me with last night and found the main trauma responsible for the pain. It was an exact parallel to what I have just gone through. This was a totally forgotten frozen field I would never have thought of connecting with without muscle testing.

No sooner had I done the parts work and forgiveness than I felt extremely tired, had to lie down and suddenly realised that the pain was gone, that contraction in my shoulder had 'miraculously' released. I thought you would be glad to know of this amazing development, one of many you witness, I know! Tons of love, thanks and blessings, B. W., France

Chronic Pain


Had my cranial-sacral appointment with Jan this morning and it was so awesome because it tied in with what you did yesterday. Thought I would share it with you, first, because I am thankful to God and second, I ask blessings on people like you and your wife, Jan, June, and Mark who are conduits for Christ to work through! That has been my purpose - that God would work through me also for His glory.
I am really jittery but weak and shaky today and keep feeling nerves firing and muscles twitching - interesting!
Blessings on your day!  Tammie

Wrote this not long ago and it so applies: The Emerging Image: The twilight tried its best, To keep me in its midnight clutches, But through the pain only you remain, Like a sunrise painting the morning sky in flames, Hope rises once more, The gift is to receive, Sometimes our faith can grow only when we cant see, Rearrange my heart, oh; Lord, and Ill never be the same, I'm wide-awake but deep in a dream with only You, Throw off the shadows to catch the Light, See the image of God standing before you.! 

Psalm 143:8 Let the morning bring me word of your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in you. Show me the way I should go, for to you I lift up my soul.

Chronic Pain

The way I met Carolee, and was introduced to Quantum Techniques was by seeing a Carolee YouTube QT treatment. From there I watched Carolee's video on imprinting the acupressure and chakra points. After reading some universal codes on the QT website I felt the energy shifts and decided to give this a try. Being in chronic pain and not being able to find help I was desperate. Having experience with energetic healing and muscle testing, QT seemed like a good option to try. Little did I know QT would become my mainstay for physical and non-physical healing. Little did I know what fields inhibiting my well being I would find in my body and outside of my body.

I have had five sessions with Carolee. She is the most gifted healer I have ever worked with one on one. Carolee has been compassionate and loving in helping me see both the physical and non-physical fields needing healing. I have gotten more understanding of, and resolution from, emotional baggage by working with Carolee than anyone else. The personal QT codes communicated to me from Carolee have been extremely effective. With the help of an upper cervical chiropractor adjusting my atlas and working with Carolee I am off any regular use of medication. It wasn't long ago that I did not know if I was going to be able to continue working; the pain was too bad.

It has been one year since I started experiencing QT. I have tried a lot of healing modalities. QT is by far the most effective healing path I have experienced. The Reiki, chakra clearing and EFT were a prelude to the QT. The way QT healing progresses is based on personal responsibility and motivation. If I learn and use the tools I continue getting better. At the same time, I have all the guidance necessary. It takes time and effort to learn QT techniques. I have jumped into QT with the training DVDs, teleclinics, and Elite Level recordings. The meditation recording is very effective for me as well. At this point I am doing my own clearing and QT treatments with myself. QT calls to my heart. From where I am now, I see physical and non-physical perfection manifesting. --Lyn, TN

Chronic Pain and Stiffness

Amazing changes! Ankle pain better, hips looser... Treatment brought new experinece of love, joy, peace, gratitude, and patience. --Howard

Chronic Pain, Fatigue, and Depression

Ever since I was 10, I struggled with chronic pain, fatigue, and depression. In my search to find health, I tried many different approaches. I’ve been misdiagnosed and as a result mis­medicated. I’ve been to neurologists, TMJ specialists, psychotherapists, psychopharmocologists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, etc. The diagnosis I am currently working under is fibromyalgia and environmental illness. The work I have done with Quantum Techniques has offered me more relief of my symptoms and more hope for regaining my health than any other approach I have tried. I can’t say enough good things about Q.T.  --Susan

Constipation, Infant

My 3-week Great Granddaughter Jett who lives in another State had problems moving her bowels since birth.  Tuesday night I was told they had taken her to a Dr. and was going to do a Biopsy the following day (Wednesday) and
surgery might be required.  I placed a call to Dr. Stephen Daniels. Wednesday evening and he returned my call on Thursday and at 11 a.m. and gave me the Codes.  I read  the codes at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Friday I spoke to Jett's Mother and she was so thrilled as Jett's Bowels had moved on Thursday ----at 11 a.m. 2, p.m. and 4 p.m.  It truly is amazing how quickly  the codes work even with children and I have used them many time with my dogs also.  ~Jean, CA


I have been working with Dr Jenny Sechler for less than a year and have been very pleased with the results changes I see in myself.  Lifelong depression has lifted.  My relationship with my teenage son has greatly improved.  I have returned to school to work on a Masters program.  I have found it much easier to set boundaries for myself.  I feel better physically, too.  My blood glucose levels have been improving.  My sleeping habits have improved and I feel more rested when I awake.  I recently noticed I am not retaining as much fluid.  Most surprising was that a few weeks ago, I realized that my hearing had tremendously improved.  I hadn't even told Dr Jenny that I was had trouble hearing, particularly in crowded situations, so it wasn't something we had specifically worked on!  I have a fresher, more excited outlook on life than I have for over 20 years.  I am so thankful for Dr Jenny and Quantum Techniques.   --J Graber


Since the age of 22, when I was first diagnosed with depression, I have been to a number of doctors, therapists, physiologists and tried a wide range of anti-depressant medications. In recent times I have read a wide-variety of self-help books and experimented with natural therapies all with varied degrees of success but, up until my counselling session with Carolee Johnson and Quantum Techniques, I have never felt truly in sync with my mind, body and soul until….
Recently, a friend told me of her daughter’s QT session with Carolee and how she felt, almost instantly, free of concerns that she had been living with day-by-day (known and unknown). One line that she had told her mother that resinated with me was….`there seemed to be some sort of  block preventing me from feeling and being my best.

That too was the way I had been feeling having invested so much time in trying to overcome my depressive cycles so, I decided that I would seek the services of Carolee and ever since doing so, I can say I have never felt this good in my entire life.
While, I still have thoughts that could, before, send me into a spiral of depression, I am able to note that the feeling is there, deal with it appropriately and move onto living in the moment / present whilst feeling good and at ease with myself and all around me. As much as, I have looked for other answers as to how I have been feeling so good for so long, I can’t find any other explanation other than the session I had with Carolee and QT has enabled me to be and feel  totally in sync with mind, body, soul and the world I live in.

Carolee’s professional, caring and understanding nature was evident all through my session. Carolee has assisted me in finding the balance in life I so desperately was seeking and it feels PERMANENT. I have recommended Carolee’s services to my close friends and have been witness to witnessed others’, after receiving counselling sessions with Carolee, make incredible recoveries and peace with themselves as I have. Adrian, Australia


Depression had ruled my life for the previous 12 years. I had tried everything: antidepressants, herbs, prayer, self­help, exercise, and diet ­absolutely everything. Some of these things had helped, but I was always either still depressed or having some side effect. After working with my QT practitioner for 3 hours, my depression was completely gone. Nothing in my life has been the same since.  --Sherry

Dissociation and Internal Parts

We are greatly rewarded when someone can take our material and do wonderful healing on their own.  It validates the power of QT in helping people heal themselves.  From independently working through the QT Parts Theory and Treatment Protocol, the following is an abbreviated clients testimonial:

I recently shifted a life-long disassociated part of myself who had taken on the role of punisher, as a result of watching the (EFT) specialty series #2 again with Dr. Stephen Daniel.  I had at the beginning of this year set an intention to be healthier than I have ever been.  I have taught holistic health for the past fifteen plus years.  Eleven of those were through a CA State-Approved School of Holistic Health.  I am an Ordained Minister, Certified Holistic Health Practitioner, and Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist for the past 12 years.We sold the business and took a year off to recuperate before opening our current Retreat Center. In October 2004 we opened our new business, and shortly afterward my menopausal journey with heavy bleeding started.  I tried Homeopathics, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Self Hypnosis, and EFT on myself, then decided that the answer was to see a therapist for some outside help.  Went for several Acupuncture appointments (2-3 per week), 2 different Naturopaths, a General Practice Western Medicine Doctor.  I bled for the month of January.  In March when I sought out the advice of the Western Doctor, she made me feel better but advised we should test my Hemoglobin levelsI received a call from her stating that my hemoglobin levels were dangerously low (half what they should be).  She went on to sayWe need to get you into the hospital right away for a blood transfusionI went to see a well-known Naturopath the next day.  He put me on supplements for restoring my hemoglobin levels.  I could feel when my levels were up again.  Since this seemed so scary to me at the timeI must admitI didnt do much EFT for myself or seek out a EFT Master at the time.All went well until I started my period again in April with the full moon.  The blessing with getting the flu at the same time is-I stopped and rested---and watched all my EFT DVDs 5-6 per day.  I immersed myself in EFT, the borrowing benefits especially helped me with the flu symptoms.  But the core issues around the bleeding were still there and the further I went with the bleeding the bigger the fear and the more frustrated I felt.  Then I watched the DVD, by Dr Stephen Daniel again, and I contacted him.  He sent me his Manual for his Quantum techniques.  I called to set an appointment with him and found that he was gone for the week.  So after reading his website and his manual,  I set down and did some muscle testing, my husband sat down with me and we started using Dr Daniels work with the EFT and got to the core issue.  I had a punisher who had separated off at age 5 after some sexual abuse.  She had been actively punishing me with the bleeding since my sister had visited in October of 2004.  I was amazed, that I had a part of myself who had been punishing me for fifty years.  After tapping for the punisher, even though I have this Punisher whose role is to punish me still Then integrating the punisher and making a decision to change the role of the punisher to assist me to change the writing on my walls.  The bleeding stopped almost immediately.  Gone completely within 24 hours.I am now committed to doing daily tapping for myself.  What a blessing it is to have such a profound realization for myselfI have assisted others to achieve these shifts but this is the deepest I have experienced for my self.   I feel such profound gratitude for Dr. Daniel for his work.  Thank you for being a life line for all of us caught in our own web of self-created pain and drama.

Blessings, Annie 

(At QT, in every case of chronic illness, we have always found it necessary to do internal parts work.  This is the most effective way of getting 100% of a persons unconscious on board for healing. Doing this work with the QT trauma code rapidly shifts the bodys cells out of a fear state into a love/healing state. --Stephen Daniel, Ph.D.)


For 38 years I have been dealing with eczema on and off all my life.  Whenever the rash would come back I would get very very frustrated and did not know which way to turn because I felt like I had tired all health alternatives that were out there.  When I came across a testimonial and example from Dr. Daniels on an EFT dvd that I was watching, I decided to give Quantum Techniques a try, since I had tried everything else out there.  I was AMAZED!  I called and got my first healing code and the rash that was covered in both of my inner elbows and all over my fingers and eating up my right inner hand/thumb area, started dropping off my skin in 3 days!!  I was so delighted and happy!  It had been the easiest cure for eczema that I had EVER tried!  The rash just dried up and fell right off my skin!  I felt like getting on top of a mountain to announce it to the world!  I know exactly how desperate people feel out there to want to clear that eczema on their skin, well, if you are reading for healing, Quantum Techniques can get you there!  --G.W.

EMF (Electromagnetic Field Sensitivities)

I have a tooth with bonding on it and some of it came off at the gum line after lunch today.... So, I went in there wearing my shungite pendant and having a stone in my pocket.  Everytime I visit the dentist, I am sick for two days, even doing EMF codes, Radiation and Xray codes, toxic residue, anything..........just wipes me out that long.  But alas, not today.  I was FINE. Perfect.  Nada.  No reaction.

My dentist is very respectful of energy work.  She lets me test every single thing that she uses in my mouth and she has come to me for QT sessions.  I keep telling her the EMFs from her up to date office are making her feel yucky.  So before I left, I had her hold out her arm and say EMF and down it went.  Then I put a stone in her other hand and repeat, but she stayed very strong.  She was elated. She would not let go of it!  She treated my husband today instead of me because he had a tooth that hurt (wisdom) even tho we walked in thinking she was going to fix my chipped one.  That stone was payment instead.  She wanted it on the spot. So, just thot I would share that one with you.  I believe she would outfit her office with pyramids for her staff and clients' sakes if she feels better. FYI  :))))

Emotional Issues and Food Sensitivities

The power of energy healing??  Until Doctors advised me they could not do anything but either put me on medicine or do surgery.  I did not want either one.  With help from QT I have gotten off  an addictive medication and as side benefits have cleared thousands of emotional issues and food sensitivities that I did not even know was part of my problem. --VS

Emotional Trauma from Lost Loved One

Thank you for all your assistance in helping me get through the hospitalization and death of my mother. It was your healing help that gave me the mind to clearly think, and the courage to see it through to her end. Thank you for being there and for the gift of Quantum Techniques.  --S.K.

Environmental Illness

In August 2007 I ended up living in a trailer because I was so sensitive to everything, most of all electricity. I could not breathe, eat or sleep. Because I had read a lot about diet on Mercola I immedietly cut out sugar and gluten. I slowly got better and was able to live at home again after 3-4 months but after Christmas (and not keeping to the diet) I totally crashed again, this time worse than before. I understand now that even though my physical body was healthier, I still had unresolved traumas and wrong beliefs, and Christmas was spent with relatives.Going back on healthy foods had very little effect and I prayed that I would either die or be healed. I saw the dvd about Quantum Techniques and cried the whole way through because it was exactly what I needed to hear. I started working with our practitioner in February and after only 4-5 months was able to go to my kids' activities, do shopping, take care of my family. In september we were away for 2 weekends as a family which included car journeys, Jacuzzis, indoor pools, restaurants, travelling on large ferries etc. In October I spent 3 days at a guest house for a mom´s conference. All things I never thought I would do again. Our QT practitioner is absolutely amazing at finding out exactly what is out of balance and fixing it and always knows exactly what advice to give. I thank God every day for finding this treatment and for getting my life back, although I still have some more healing to do.  --Michelle, Sweden

Environmental Illness

Prior to finding Quantum Techniques, my son age 14, was becoming increasingly symptomatic over a period of years from sensitivities which developed after diagnoses and ongoing treatment for chronic Lyme disease, associated confections, together with a long-term toxic mold exposure. He suffered from extreme headaches, bone pain, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, musculoskeletal, and neurological events, food sensitivities, with a specific symptom list too long to mention. My family's life was turned completely upside down as his illness progressed. My son and I were forced to move away from our home, separate from the rest of my family, to live in isolation and just try to survive because his sensitivities to things, environments, and people were so strong. He could have up to 15 or more severe reactions a day. We visited over 50 doctors trying to address his symptoms and underlying illnesses. Most doctors could not reconcile his symptom set with their area of expertise and either dismissed us or passed us on to another practitioner. Even the rare sincere and well-meaning doctors that were willing to work with him that had experience in his diagnoses would get frustrated as they were not accustomed to this level of sensitivity and his inability to be compliant with their treatments or protocols.

Most treatments traumatized him and made his condition worse. Things that seemed benign and helpful for other people, supplements, vitamins, or detoxification protocols, or even alternative modalities were not things he could necessarily tolerate. His symptoms became so severe that he could no longer visit doctors, emergency rooms, healers, or their offices, traditional or alternative.

It took a leap of faith to try one more modality, especially one so far removed from where we had started, but somehow I knew that there must be a possible route to his healing, particularly because of the similar experiences of some of the practitioners at Quantum Techniques. Our QT practitioner helped both myself and my son to better understand the non-physical complexities surrounding the illness as well as helping the physical issues taxing his body. His symptoms have been resolving at a rate hard to believe. At last test, even his blood work was normalizing without any other intervention. His life is returning to a level of normalcy that had been beyond my hopes. --Deborah S.

Environmental Illness and Anxiety

We felt you should know that Christine's trip to Annapolis was very successful. It has been years since her father and I have seen her this happy and confident. It is becoming apparent to all of us that she will be living a life filled with normal activities without the crippling anxiety that has formerly plagued her. Truly, this is a remarkable work that you do through Quantum techniques. Blessings and Gratitude, Sheila & Stephen


Just an update after last session I was very tired and slept about 12 hrs for 2 days. Since then energy is fine- I notice at night I almost have to start winding myself down to get to sleep.  I don't feel tired anymore.  I am sleeping more- I use to get up at 4:00 in the morning to start work but I find I sleep in until 5-6:00 ish.  I am going to bed the same time at night but am not really tired/exhausted like I used to be.  What a relief!!!  Thank you so much- it is nice to have the confidence to know I have energy to go through the day and also I haven't gotten sick since we had our last session.  I have been feeling fantastic! I have started working out and my energy is so much better. 

Thank you so much again!!!  --Linda

Food Intolerance

Jody has me staying away from certain foods and because of that, I am feeling much better. I would definitely recommend Jody and QT to her family and friends. --Catherine

Food Intolerance

Completely gone! Years of struggle with food sensitivites, sadness and melancholy are all gone.  --D

Fungal Infection

Thanks very much!  The more I get fungal under control the clearer my mind gets.  The foggy, distracted thinking I used to endure seems to have gone away.  Good thing too, as I keep getting assigned bigger and bigger projects at work and thankfully now I can keep it all straight.  People that say QT is expensive really need to ask, "what is quality of life, excellent health, clear thinking and loads of energy worth?!" The Physical scan stuff is so interesting I am going to order the Evolution Series this month too. --M.B., Calgary, Alberta

Fungal issues and food intolerances

Listen to an audio testimonial related to fungal issues and food intolerances from Sylvia of Pennsylvania who called in for a 10 minute treatment from during one of their bi-weekly radio shows.

General Health

I feel significantly better after our call on Friday. I am excited about my new found hope in QT. Thank you! Your time & efforts in helping me are greatly appreciated. --Debbie

General Health

The type of help that Dr. Daniel and the rest of the QT team are providing is invaluable and a breath of fresh air in today's times.  Mike, USA

General Health

The coolest thing on this planet I think, or one of, is to be able to heal your body from everything under the sun. That is what is amazing to me about QT. To have a healthy body, to be able to heal various issues, is just amazing. It's a gift, a true true gift, and I believe it is really from God as a gift to us so that we may live full and well in this realm on this planet. - Melanie

General Health

Dr. Johnson worked on my whole family and we are so much better off because of her! She was able to pinpoint several foods and cleaning products that were causing us health problems. My boyfriend's grandson was having terrible lung problems and she was able to figure out that he was highly allergic to dairy which was causing mucous and infections. His family was a little skeptical because they had never heard of this modality of healthcare, but sure enough a short time later they ran some medical tests that confirmed what Dr. Johnson had told us and he is doing much better after having dairy removed from his diet. My boyfriend's father was suffering from many health problems including dementia, and after we did a QT session with Dr. Johnson for him he had a very noticeable the next day. He was walking up and down the aisles of church on his own, recognizing people and shaking their hands. She cleared many toxins and toxic, stuck emotions from his body and recommended supplements for us to give him.

A friend of mine found out that her boyfriend cheated on her, and we were able to quickly test to see if he had passed on any STDs. It turns out he had passed on genital herpes and a few other pathogens, but since it had only been a few days since he had passed it to her, it had not yet settled into her nerve roots and Dr. Johnson was able to give her a strong medicine that killed viruses and bacteria and killed the pathogens while they were still in her blood stream before the herpes could settle into the nerve roots and become permanent. What an incredible blessing that Dr. Johnson was there to help her!

The most precious gift that came from Dr. Johnson's care is that she helped me heal my relationship to myself and to God. I attended years of therapy and thought I had worked through my traumas, but working with Dr. Johnson made me realize they were still affecting me. She was able to pinpoint events and trapped beliefs and emotional trauma that were still having a major effect on my health and relationships. She was able to tell me the exact ages and correlating feelings of my trauma without me telling her anything. Because of this work, I realized that I was angry with God on a deep, deep level. I always thought of myself as having a good relationship with God, but the work I did with her brought my closeness to God to a whole different level. Having this closer relationship with God changed all of my other relationships, and the way I think and feel about my life. I was able to reach a deep level of peace in my life, and became able to really start loving myself. She also figured out that some of the supplements I was taking were toxic for me, some of the foods I was eating were giving me allergic reactions, and that I had a fungal infection in my body that was the root of many other chronic health issues I was experiencing. I will continue to call on Dr. Johnson when I need help and highly recommend her to anyone looking for these types of results!



I have been getting treatments from Quantum Techniques for severe headaches, anxiety, body picking, irritability, and viruses. I have gotten significant relief from all these. My wife has also gotten great results with clearing periodic infections. She also tells me I am happier, more relaxed, and not so moody. The most problematic symptom I've dealt with has been the headaches. I've had them all my life and have tried many, many things to get relief. Nothing seemed to reduce their severity and frequency. When I started QT, I was having moderate to severe headaches 3­4 times a month. For the past 6 months, my headaches have significantly reduced in frequency­­ occurring only 2 times a month on average. When they did occur, a tapping sequence would often relieve the headache quicker than medication.

Since my work with QT, I have been in higher elevations without getting the usual "change in elevation headaches.” Prior to QT, being around someone with strong perfumes/colognes could easily trigger a headache. Now I am able to be in small rooms with heavy perfumes without getting a headache. I am very grateful for the relief I have been getting and expect further good results. It is wonderful to have a symptom and to be able to make a quick call to get assessed and treated. And, it's nice to not have to make an appointment and travel for treatment.  --Bill  

Healing old Emotional Pain

I just wanted to let you know what has happened since yesterday. When we got off the phone, I felt completely clear of this old issue with my father. During the last 33 years I've spent tens of thousands of dollars and many years in treatment including psychodynamic, Jungian, cognitive, systems, bioenergetic, Reichian, Psyche­Soma (Marion Woodman), homeopathic, NAET, acupuncture, Chinese herbal, and EMDR (done by Francine Shapiro). There have been gradual improvements and sudden setbacks. However, the old issues remained. My gratitude is beyond words.  --Susan

Healing, Gratitude and Inspiration for Other Healers

With the help of QT I have healed panic attacks and severe anxiety, chronic back pain, old surgical pain and trauma, a severe sinus infection cleared in 2 days with no antibiotics, cleared a severe toxic reaction to carpet glue in my office, as well as many, many parts issues and old traumas. We are on the way to healing ADHD and school issues in my sons. We also cleared my son of poison ivy in 3 days with very little pain or itching. His reactions are usually so severe a hospital visit and steroids are all that would work. QT has changed my life. Just knowing this healing modality is available whenever I need it has given me such peace of mind.  --Mary Anne

Healing, Gratitude and Inspiration for Other Healers

Working with Jenice and Quantum Techniques has been a blessing for my family. My daughter is on a wonderful path to true healing. I'm so grateful for this profound experience.  -- L.C.

Immune System Dysfunction

Thank you for so many things: Among them, helping with my bone condition;And I no longer fight colds every other week; my white blood cell count is normal; the hot flashes are gone; I am sleeping all night; and the session regarding "not being held hostage by others' expectations" has gone a long way towards keeping more free from worry. --Mary

Immune System Dysfunction

Prior to coming to QT, this client was given multiple diagnoses such as: chronic fatigue, low thyroid, fibromyalgia, depression, pituitary disfunction, post vaccine peripherial neuropathy, and IBS.

Quantum Techniques has truly been a blessing in my life. After much skepticism and waiting to try this type of work, I wish I had done it when I first knew about it. Waiting only took six months longer for me to begin transforming my health. I basically lost six months of my life trying to justify to others and myself how and why QT works. Then I just did it!!! What did I have to lose? Nothing... I was at a place in my life that I had nothing without my health. I have had amazing results from QT. I always did what I needed to with supplementation, and dietary changes, but it was not until the past traumas and internal work were uncovered that I sped up the process. So just last month after working with Beth, I went back to the doctor's office and was given my blood results. On paper, within three months, my results changed. My Epstien Barr virus that was active and extremely high was now within normal limits. My white blood cell count that was low, now within normal limits, my coagulation defect nondetected, and my Natural Killer cell (immune system) went from 21 to 50. Now that is amazing! So for all those skeptics... with QT, the recommended dietary changes, supplementation, and drinking Kangen water my results have been proven on paper. Thank you Beth for working with me, teaching me and guiding me along this journey within my life.   --C.A., United States


Once we were married my husband and I decided to start a family straight away. I was leading a pretty healthy lifestyle and I thought I would fall pregnant very quickly. I had already had a QT session to make sure the supplements and foods I was eating were all fine for pregnancy. After several months of trying, our doctor suggested to get a fertility test done just to check, and these results came back fine for both of us. Our doctor then said it probably wouldn’t be long until I fell pregnant because there were no issues that she could see hindering the process. It wasn’t until I continued to be unsuccessful that I called Carolee for another session. She found a hidden emotion that had not surfaced before, and as soon as that was cleared I fell pregnant within a few weeks. I emailed Carolee with great excitement to tell her, and she informed me that it was a strong pregnancy and the baby was very healthy.

I had a pretty easy pregnancy apart from some morning sickness, but at week 13 I had appendicitis which hit me very quickly. I was rushed to hospital and had surgery that same day. As soon as I was able to I had a QT session to ensure my body was able to heal quickly. The doctor was amazed with how well I recovered considering I was pregnant so he was able to let me out of hospital earlier than anticipated. I had no issues for the rest of my pregnancy and my labour was also very straight forward and I had a natural birth. --Sarah, Australia


'Twas a successful day in that my son and I both caught the local flu. It started with him on Tuesday and hit me the next day with similar symptoms. I didn't recognize it until mid-afternoon Wednesday and used homeopathic meds, which seemed to alleviate it (entirely on my left side). This morning, I awoke without any symptoms until 30 minutes later (entirely on my right side). For one solid hour, I was in sheer painful misery; the next hour, I coded nearly everything from my QT book - even though I noticed the biggest difference was when I did the bacteria and hidden bacteria codes, the flu virus code, and the virus and hidden virus codes. I also noticed that I was starting to mentally incorporate "seeing" the viruses pass by me, as I used these Codes - something I've never done before but was connecting to via the QT Profound Love Code. Anyway, after I finished coding and drinking water, I went and did skin brushing before hopping into the shower. By the time I got out of the shower and dressed, I had so much energy, that one would be hard-pressed to know just how miserable I was prior to the combination of Codes, Drinking Water, & Brushing. Now, twelve hours later, I am ready to eat, rest, and then call it a night . . . but I am fine.  Here's to the morrow and waking up repaired and healthy . . . and if not, I know what works to reverse it! --Jenn B., USA

Inner Ear and Multiple Physical Problems

I have been a victim of the medical meatgrinder for 13 years.  After developing a problem with my inner ears that threatened my career as an airline pilot, I underwent test after test and procedure after procedure.  Five specialists and over ten thousand dollars in medical bills later, they still didn't have a clue what was wrong with me.  In desperation, I turned to "alternative" modalities, seeking a solution through hypnosis, chiropractic and accupuncture.  I did realize minor relief through accupuncture, which allowed me to continue to fly for several years, but the nagging problems continued and eventually I had to retire onto medical disability.  I was exhausted, demoralized, and frustrated.  Through a series of events that could only be described as divine intervention, I stumbled upon Quantum Techniques and began working with my QT Practitioner.  Within a couple of weeks, I noticed a marked improvement in my condition, and other aspects of my life began to improve, as well.  Dr. Fletcher is compassionate, caring, efficient, and extremely skilled at assessing not just the symptom, but the entire body, to facillitate healing.  I have to admit I was extremely skeptical, at first, but after having experienced the healing, I would recommend Quantum Techniques and Dr. Fletcher to anyone desiring freedom from any kind of debilitating condition, or even just better health and a higher quality of living.  I'd also like to add that Dr. Fletcher has been working with my daughter, who had multiple physical problems.  Her turnaround has been profound, and she has gone from a young lady wondering if life was worth living to a happy, energetic 22 year old.  I will forever be grateful to Dr. Fletcher for giving us our daughter back......... Much love,   --Anne


Hi Carolee,  I just wanted to send you a quick note to say THANK YOU for all the help you gave me yesterday. I slept so soundly all night! I felt "safe" for the first time in years. I'm always so appreciative of the work you do and always feel so much benefit. Thank you for what you do.  Blessings, Sarah, Australia

Kidney and Bladder Issues

I began to work with Dr. Carolee Johnson in February of 2012. I was desperate—and willing to ‘think outside the box’ about restoring my health. I was impressed with what I read related to the science of quantum physics and hoped that my treatment with Dr. Johnson, of Quantum Techniques, would provide a new approach that held promise.

After visiting the Quantum Techniques website five times, I finally ‘bit the bullet’, chose Dr. Carolee as my practitioner, and jumped in with both feet. After working on the kidney/bladder issues I had struggled with for literally 50 years, within 5 months, I was virtually restored to a functional, comfortable healthy state with my renal system.

I found Dr. Carolee to be very knowledgeable, thorough, and devoted to helping me regain my health. She is compassionate, and she encouraged me along the road in ways that I needed. The end result is that I am healthier now than I have been for the majority of my life! I am very grateful to Dr. Johnson for helping me so profoundly in this healing journey.

Liver Disease

Quantum Techniques has helped me more than I ever could have imagined. I have an extremely rare genetic liver problem. I had tried every form of traditional and alternative medicine and healing modality to little avail. Even the so-called "medical detectives" had given up on me. I am also no stranger to energy medicine, having graduated from a healing arts school in New York City in 1998 and having received energy work weekly since that time. With Quantum Techniques, the toxin clearing alone has literally prolonged my life and alleviated tremendous suffering. The insight and specific awareness of the practitioners is nothing short of miraculous. The parts work provides healing at the deepest levels where other healing modalities treat only symptomatically. I truly don't believe there is any condition that can't benefit, and benefit greatly, from the application of Quantum Techniques.  --D.M, New York

From D.M.'s spouse, "Tomorrow is D.M.'s birthday! It's in no small part due to you and QT that she is seeing her 56th birthday.  Thank you, for literally helping her to be alive."

Luminous Truth: A Client Poem

Why do we try so hard to hide
The truth and light that’s ours inside?

As radiant children of the light
We must not dim what glows so bright

If others our light cannot abide
Perhaps their own truth wish to hide

The more our light is dimmed each day
The more the shadows soon hold sway

Soon the path our journey here takes
Seems dark and so our fear awakes

The fear is as a darkling cloak
Too hard it seems our light to stoke

So how then do we reclaim our place
As incandescent beings full of grace?

In knowing luminous light will always prevail
In it’s presence shadow and fear will fail

And your precious light can always be found
By the truth in yourself finally unbound

For in that state shadow and fear show no trace
With brilliance shines God’s light, love and grace

--Mary Anne Lide


...after being 'diagnosed' by Western doctors and told that I most likely had Lymphoma, and after acupuncturists, herbalists, Neurolinguistic Reprogramming, Ontological Transformation and hypnotherapists failed to do the trick, QT has not only brought me to a place of healing that I couldn't have visualized before, but I have a whole new paradigm for life. I also have a whole new belief in what's possible for my community's healing.  My QT Practitioner has this ability to get to the physical or non-physical roots of my symptoms in moments (including flying through the most esoteric and mundane of anatomical scans in seconds). She also imparts the "okay, here's where you're going wrong" parts like the best life coach I've ever had... and all of this over the phone with a continent between us. It's the wildest technology I've ever works better than anything I've ever seen..   --M.E.L.

Massive Healing

Massive healing is taking place on many levels. I am riding horses again…like for real….mounting the horse easily without help…like the cowgirl I used to be! I am dating again. My body has energy and I have lost weight and am able to pace exercise for 20 minutes a day. This is only after two months of working with you and speaking with you twice. You, Stephen, …you have loaned me your positivity…your positive bent. I think INTENT with SURRENDER may be the grandest impetus here. My clientele for EFT/Satsang is growing….as I heal.   --Melody, NM


The best money I have ever spent! Chronic migraines gone with no recurrence in six months.  --Laurie

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

Energy medicine has changed my life. After struggling with multiple chemical sensitivities, low energy, foggy head, digestive difficulties and more, I was introduced to Quantum Techniques. With their help, I am now able to enjoy life, eating and thinking! In the 17 years of trying to regain my health, I saw many doctors (both allopathic and alternative) changed diets a million times, spent thousands of dollars on supplements, redid 15 fillings/crowns in my mouth twice. I traveled all over to find help. Everything helped at least a little and sustained my life, but nothing helped me progress to really good health until I began to work with QT. At one point I was on oxygen. I had an overexposure to chlorine and also to smoke from a forest fire. Both of these almost cost me my life. I was not able to take a step without labored breathing. And now I can walk into a room with an indoor swimming pool and breathe normally.

I now have great energy and an ability to think clearly. But QT has given me more than that. I have learned to accurately test myself. I now know what foods will adversely affect me before eating them. And on a daily basis, I can test to determine what supplements my body needs and how many for a particular day. What a blessing to have health instead of focusing on lack of health. Thank you Quantum Techniques for helping me to wellness and showing me how to maintain it. In one year of time, I was able to obtain in health what I hadn’t been able to accomplish in 17 years of hard work, research, and thousands of dollars.  --Marcia

Multiple Sclerosis

I had had a variety of health problems over the last several years until I was diagnosed with M.S. My whole life came crashing down and devastated my whole family. An alternative doctor referred me to a QT practitioner. I didn't think it would work but I was desperate. After four months of Quantum Techniques, I don't have a single M.S. symptom and I feel better than I have In years. I cannot repay what QT has done for me.  --Paige 

Panic and Anxiety Attacks

Dear Steve, I am quite emotional when I write this to you. I want to thank you for having been the absolute wonderful tool of God in changing my life forever. You have a healing gift so precious and I am honored to have been led to you. Thank you for changing my life. After so many years, it is at your doorstep where my buck has stopped for the first time. Love is THE answer in life and your path of healing is a path of love. Thank you!!  Kindest regards, Willien

Panic and Anxiety Attacks

I have suffered off and on throughout most of my life from acute panic and anxiety attacks.  Massive doses of Niacin (4,000 mg per day for two years) helped me 25 years ago, but when this scourge hit again in September, they didn't touch it.  I tried many things, then EFT, but that didn't help.  Then I found an off-shoot of EFT known as Quantum Techniques, and within 24 hours of my first telephone conference with one of their trained practitioners, I knew help was forthcoming.   --L.Y.

Panic Attacks and Sinusitis

I also was suffering from panic attacks for 15 years. After reading the code I was given at the end of our phone call, I was getting better and better each day. I am now completely free of panic attacks. I cannot begin to explain how thankful and surprised I am on how quick QT is working. I can only recommend to try this and I promise you will not be disappointed! QT and also Dr. Johnson saved my life,  I am back to the happy, fun-loving person i used to be. Working with Carolee Johnson was really very helpful and a good experience all around. I am very grateful for Carolee Johnson and Quantum Techniques.  While working with her on the phone my sinusitis improved and completely healed the next day. Where before I always had sinusitis at least for 3 weeks. Blessings, Thanks and Auf Wiedersehen > N. Brown, Germany


Performance Enhancement

The QT phone number is my most important traveling equipment! Country music entertainer healed of 10 years of voice struggles. --Anonymous

Pinched Nerve and Neck Pain

I am writing to encourage the use of Quantum Techniques. On December 18, 2008, I consulted with a QT practitioner by  telephone at the advice of my physician. I was in severe neck pain, nothing helped. My doctor diagnosed me with a pinched nerve where my spine met my shoulders. The cause was unknown, I simply woke up that way one morning. I went to the chiropractor three times a week for a month. He very slowly began to make an impact on the situation, but I still had to take morphine in order to sleep. One day I missed work as the pain was so intense that I vomited several times and blacked out from it. The pain impacted every single movement I made due to its location and was essentially controlling my life. My activities were limited by it. I am a single mother of three, so to be laid up with anything for an entire month is quite difficult as I have to keep going no matter how horrible I feel. I have no daily help other than my children. I was feeling like a very poor mother after dealing with the situation for a month. I have gone on at length simply to make it clear how impacted I was by this pinched nerve.

The QT practitioner listened to me, asked me some questions and then prescribed me two codes and told me how often to read them and for how many days to do so. At the risk of sounding crazy, the codes were miraculous. By the 24 hour mark the pain had been reduced by half. After three days it was gone entirely. I continued reading the codes as per instruction as I did not want the pain to return. I tried everything at my disposal, homeopathy, allopathic medicine, chiropractic care, supplements, message and prayer. Those efforts worked to a certain extent, in that the pain was ever so slowly getting better, but I was still profoundly impacted by it. I cannot over state the efficacy of Quantum Techniques on me. The speed with which I healed simply defied logic. I urge anyone who is struggling with a health issue or with chronic pain that cannot be resolved to use Quantum Techniques. I strongly recommend this amazing approach to healing. --Kate, Wisconsin

Poison Ivy Exposure

We cleared my son of poison ivy in 3 days with very little pain or itching. His reactions are usually so severe that a hospital visit and steroids are all that would work. Just knowing this healing modality is available whenever I need it has given me such peace of mind.  --Mary Anne

Poison Ivy Exposure

Our son got poison ivy this summer.  He was miserable! Thank goodness the new poison ivy code helped him immediately!  It was GREAT!!!!!  With love, Sybil, Iowa


I have had tremendous healing after my initial QT session with Jenice several months ago, and just wanted to write to share my story. I came to Jenice in my second trimester of pregnancy in order to manage stress and ongoing candida issues I was experiencing. Jenice was gentle and loving as she tested me for different foods and household products, and especially as we came to dealing with my personal traumas that have inhibited my physical and emotional healing.

Uncovering those things was absolutely mind-blowing to me, and it was amazing to think about how little I knew about what effects my past traumas had on my current health. After speaking with Jenice, I implemented the dietary and lifestyle changes she recommended, and experienced tremendous changes in my health and state of mind. I didn't feel as stressed out with my kids, and was able to stay calm when handling tough situations. I noticed my overall demeanor was drastically different, and things just didn't ruffle me the way they used to. I also suffer from Hyperhydrosis, a sweat disorder, and noticed my sweating decrease significantly following Jenice's suggestions.

Last, but not least, I had an ABSOLUTELY PAINLESS pregnancy. As I type that, I myself can hardly believe it. My first two pregnancies had aches and pains at some points and especially toward the end, but this pregnancy was easy and happy. I suffered no prenatal or postpartum depression, and I felt wonderful. When my baby was born, the delivery was quick anithout complications, and she is the healthiest of all my kids.

One physical evidence that QT works was a recent visit to the chiropractor when I was at almost 42 weeks pregnant with my baby for a quick adjustment. I hoped the adjustment would get labor rumbling, and when the chiropractor looked at me, he seemed a little baffled and said "I can do some adjustments to hopefully help labor start up, but other than that, you are perfectly aligned." This was AMAZING to me, because my last visit (prior to my QT treatment with Jenice) was one where he made note of all the areas where I was not properly aligned and had a long plan of how I could be adjusted to a normal state over many treatments. After my treatment with Jenice, I never went back, because I never felt pain again! Pretty incredible.

Thank you for offering QT as an alternative to traditional healthcare and even other alternative health treatments. I believe God truly worked through Jenice and continues to as I use my code and the other free ones you offer. Many blessings, K. W., TN

Premature Birth

My daughter was born 10 weeks too soon. Dr Carolee Johnson worked with her using Quantum Techniques to keep her digestion and absorption and other body systems online, and to clear the trauma of her long stay in an incubator.  The two pictures are of this little miracle on the day she came home from the hospital at barely 5 lbs, and six months from the day after she came home with continued QT treatments, a happy healthy infant.  She sits in the same car seat so you can see what a difference QT made in her good health.  --S. Johns

Prostate Cancer

I have no hesitation in recommending Stephen and his team at QT. My results regarding PROSTATE CANCER and BLOOD PRESSURE have been amazing. I recommended QT to my daughter. She is also delighted with her results. I was diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in March 2017. This shocked me because this result was from a random test and I had not been experiencing any symptoms. I later found out that most men diagnosed with Prostate Cancer do not have any symptoms. Note: All men should be made aware of this. My oncologist wanted to start radiation treatment straight away but as I was very aware of the side effects, I wanted to hold back and look for alternatives. My P.S.A. level was at 12.7 and I knew that the cancer was unlikely to metastasize under a level of 20. It was agreed that I could delay treatment until my P.S.A. rose to a level of 15.

I tried all the recommended alternative diet plans and supplements but my P.S.A. was slowly creeping up. In April 2019 my blood test revealed a P.S.A. level of 14.7. I was now put on a 6 weekly blood test programme. Mentally, I had accepted that I would have to start radiation anytime soon. Then I was recommended QT. I didn’t understand how it worked but by that stage I was willing to try anything.

I first spoke to Stephen Daniels just 3 days before my blood test of June 2019. When I contacted the surgery for the results of that blood test, I was told that the P.S.A. level had dropped back to 12.7 and I was put back on to 3 monthly blood tests! I was astounded and delighted that I was avoiding radiation for at least another 3 months. Was this a freak result? Will the P.S.A. level go back up again the next time? I didn’t know. Stephen told me to expect the P.S.A. levels to continue dropping.

I am now delighted to report that my last P.S.A. results have been recorded as 11.6 and 10.6. KB, England


Quick Healing

This testing was done as a surrogate test for a 65 year old woman in Europe who does not speak English:

  • 10 days ago: 2 implants in the lower jaw were made
  • 3 days ago: the wound around the implants had not healed, the sutures/stitches broke open, the whole procedure was repeated
  • 1 day ago: again stitching, all swollen; finally called for a QT test: the reason was rejection of several materials, not an infection. Clearing cell surface receptors ..., using the healing circuits to show the body where there is a problem. Within hours, the next morning, the wound was closed and is healing nicely! It would have been wise to test the materials before the operation.

I'd like to add a common recommendation: over the years, I've called a QT practitioner as the surrogate for friends and relatives several times. The best results were only with those people who were willing and able to follow dietary instructions (i.e. avoiding gluten or dairy, etc., if they are sensitive to it). The QT tests were always extremely accurate. --Maria


My 92 year old father was admitted to the hospital in severe pain from sciatica. That night and into next morning he received three doses of morphine which sent his fragile system into acute renal failure. Each day his creatinine numbers rose, from an already abnormal baseline of 1.9 to over 5.5. By the third day the doctors said that the only hope was to put in a line for dialysis. I called Dr. Daniel who did a treatment and gave us a code to say for my father. The dialysis surgery was scheduled for the next morning.  As they were preparing to take my father down for the procedure, a call came in from the specialist. He had just received the latest test results and the creatinine numbers had gone down significantly. They canceled the surgery! My father continued to improve and was sent to rehab two days later. I know beyond a doubt that Dr. Daniel saved my father's life. -Karen

Severe Pain

When my daughter was in pain and no other natural options were working, she was able to get relief through QT in a short amount of time. QT also reserves a special time for you and your child. My daughter now asks me to do QT right before bed and sometimes when she just isn't feeling herself. – H.B. 

Skin Rash

Dear Carolee, I would like to say that you have been such a bright light in my families life.  The help you have given to my son has stayed with him and he is a happier young man for it and a lot less filled with anger. His terrible rash that he lived with for a long time is gone and he believes as I do that that has to do with your work with him.  My daughter is more calm, confident and seems to be speaking up more and comfortable with her path. She too has less and less of a skin breakout.  As for me, you have touched me in so many ways.  Your work with me has helped me with my children, my fiancé and especially myself.  As we all have upheavals in life it is you I recommend and you I would call in an instant! Thanks for all your help! --Warmly, Jackie, Rock Port

Skin Rash

With reference to below suggestions, I have purchased the Truth Techniques DVD. Excellent, loved it totally and practiced and use the techniques daily from many things to do with diet, supplements, amount of water required by my body etc. I'm using it all the time and quite honestly I have no idea how I have managed to operate on this planet so long without it. No wonder my body groans and staggers so much and have discovered a few things I shouldn't be eating at this time - wheat and corn in the main. We are also having a lot of fun with it as well.Have also used it along with EFT to sort out a recurring rash I had on my forehead. EFT alone sorted it for a wee while and then it would return. Although I believed what had caused the problem (bumped my head on a painted wall that had been cleaned with a chemical), it wasn't until I used the truth Techniques that I discovered there was in fact 2 events leading to the bump that had deeper issues involved (an emotional upset and too many drinkies - which is why I fell). It now seems to be clearing nicely. Many thanks.  --Brian

Smoking (Tobacco Addiction)
During a very stressful time, in which there was great unsafety for my little child, I took up smoking again after many years.  I had smoked before, and stopped. Every time I stopped I experienced rather nasty side effects. One QT session by phone helped me to stop smoking at once. And even while I smoked around forty cigarettes a day, and stopped cold turkey, I didn’t have any side effect. Or any yearning for smoking. It is now more than 6 years later, and I am still so very happy about not smoking. --Jorine, Netherlands
Smoking (Tobacco Addiction)

Dear Stephen, I am writing to tell you about the client who couldn't quit smoking from hypnotherapy that i wrote to you about earlier this week. It was my most amazing QT experience ever. He arrived in a dark/grey cloud, which I attributed to him being a smoker. He told me he had a lot of damage at L-4, always in pain, and a lot of trauma in his childhood.

Then we started. Steve, he had 126 spiritual interference fields!!!!! You have probably seen this but I haven't!!!! 22 fields out of sympathetic/para-sympathetic balance...disconnected from 9 brain went on. I just kept systematically clearing him. When we started to do the trauma code, he just kept feeling intense pressure in his head, and I couldn't feel a thing. So i stopped it, and "looked", and saw his crown chakra was closed tight. I led him in a guided visualization and afterwards when we restarted the trauma code, I felt a strong gush of energy into my crown that went through every bit of me. I checked and all 22 fields were reversed!!! Once his crown opened he just let it all go. His serotonin was off line and so were his natural steroids.

The best part now: results. After that happened he stopped looking grey. Color bloomed in his cheeks! That night he noted all pain in his back gone. Still gone. He texted me last night,

"I just wanted to tell you that yesterday was a transformative experience for me. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Today I woke up quiet in my mind for the first time in decades. For the first time in decades, I don't feel the pressure.  The shame and the guilt are gone."

So I am writing to thank you for what you have brought through for humanity. To be part of his amazing experience is a great gift to me. To see someone literally released from bondage before my eyes was a humbling experience. I am so Grateful! Lynn

Snake Bite

This is a Picture of Stella. She is a four year old yellow lab. This picture was taken 28 hours after being bitten by a rattlesnake two times on the right side of her face.  We were walking on a trail through the desert by our home.  Usually when you approach a rattlesnake it gives its warning.  This one didn’t.  It was sleeping under a tree in the shade. We never saw the snake until it was too late.  It jumped at Stella biting her on the right side as I was yanking on the leash to pull her back.  At the Vet I brought her Seat of Conscious back into her body.  I treated the wound as an injectant.  I then asked if the Seat of Conscious was everywhere the venom was, it wasn’t.  She had to stay the night at the Vet and when they took her back the floor underneath her was covered in a clear liquid.  It was not urine. She did need the anti-venom but only one shot.  She went home the next day and within 48 hours of first getting bitten she was playing, eating and running around like nothing had ever happened. Another dog had gotten bitten that same weekend and he had the anti-venom shot four times and wasn’t doing well.

Thank you to Steve for Quantum Techniques and for the QT Elite program.  Without your love, support and teachings Stella wouldn’t be alive today. I created the following frequency code for anti-venom of a rattlesnake bite:

Sh g50 Ch Un g50 3rd eye Eb Th A C 9g Un Sh Un

With Much Love and Gratitude! Sonia

Spider Bite

Dangerous toxic reaction to spider bite healed by one treatment.  --G.G.

Spiritual Attachments

I am  a 60 year old female who experienced excellent health for 52 years. I had my children naturally at home. 

I use to joke and say my physical body is the healthiest of all those I know personally, just afraid my mental health is in question some times. (an attempt at humor) Because I chose alternative health care practices instead of mainstream medicine,  I was considered a kook sometimes.

When I was 54 I was insecticide poisoned. My health slowly declined at first, with no noticeable help from any of the natural remedies I knew. I started to question everything I had believed. I turned to traditional medicine. I sought after the advice of 8 different medical professionals and had tried dietary changes, steroids, medications, creams, ointments and still couldn't get any relief from raw skin on 60% of my body.

I started getting other symptoms, high blood pressure, rapid heart rate, blurred vision, loss of hearing, scalp problems, digestive issues, boils,  my teeth became loose and started to crack and fall out. I was house bound for a year and afraid of everything because I didn't know why this was  happening. I was diagnosed with 37 food allergies and reacted to exposure to fuels, insecticides, perfumes, cleaning products, printers ink, and a host of other products on the market.

After I exhausted over $20,000 out of pocket expenses  I found out about EFT. Emotional Freedom Technique by Gary Craig. There I was introduced to QT and Dr. Daniel. For the next three years I collapsed 95% of my symptoms from using QT and EFT, on my own from just reading the information available and giving it a shot. I had several occasions to collapse 100% of my symptoms, only to have relief temporarily, and then symptoms returned. Feeling hopeless I started to do phone sessions with Dr. Daniel and listen to the teleclinics.

My skin had become worse than ever.  Every attempt at detoxification ended in more sores on my skin. Dr. Daniel did a body scan and suggested I use the truth technique, standing in salt water, Asking specific questions. I still  have more questions than answers regarding this technique, but I can not deny the results from following his advise.

First the fears that I was dying were immediately released. The frozen fear I was caught in was gone, and within 3 days my skin completely cleared. I knew instantly that something huge had happened to me, yet all I wanted to do was let the days roll by and watch what was happening next.

I am now the confident woman that I haven't seen in years. I would very much like to learn more about parts work, miasms, and generational illness. I am very thankful for all the work Dr. Stephen Daniel and his wife Beth and their staff have done in helping people, not only regain their health, but actually have the insight and fortitude  to address the mystery of generational illness.

My heart felt thanks, JoAnn


When Holly had to start going to a new babysitter, she suddenly acted terrified to be left and refused to do anything at home or at the babysitter without somebody holding her, or at least holding her hand.
She would not even walk anywhere at home without holding someone's hand. She cried constantly at home and at the sitter. When we tested the field, we found that there was a little boy at the new babysitter that required oxygen and a feeding tube. This triggered a terror field in Holly from her surgery in the hospital as a newborn. She could no longer be left alone without the terror. After a short treatment. Dr Carolee Johnson gave Holly a card with the trauma code on it and helped her say the letters herself. She immediately started acting differently and walked around by herself to show everyone her new letters. In the video Holly's mom helps Holly repeat "Her Letters" on her trauma code card, after she shows off her new letters. Holly Loves QT!

Toxic Reaction

I am very grateful for the effective and speedy results I have obtained using QT.  I have worked with Jenice on an issue involving some severe sore pain in one of my eyes.  I had a couple of toxic exposures and eyes are an entry point in my constitution for toxic fields as well as emotions.  I had an appointment with Jenice in the morning and the same night I slept better than I had in weeks and there was no pain or discomfort in my eye.  This is incredibly empowering in terms of self-healing.  Quantum Techniques is the most powerful and comprehensive system in my opinion, in the field of energetic healing and it is constantly evolving.  – J.A.

Toxic Reaction

When my wife became quite ill from a toxic reaction of unknown origin, we called our QT practitioner. He quickly identified the source of the toxic reaction to be a spider bite, and gave us a sequence to neutralize the venom. By the time she tapped out the sequence, the swelling in her joints had reduced by 75%. Within an hour, she was completely back to normal! Thank you!  --Gary

Trauma Release

Thank you so much for everything. I just wanted to let you know that I am doing well and feel tremendous relief. I want to thank you for your persistence in getting to the root trauma and releasing it from my energy. I am so grateful for you and the work you do. You are amazing! I am sure I will be talking to you soon but I wanted to let you know how thankful my family and I are for all of your help in healing this trauma. Forever Grateful, Heather

Treating the Whole Family

I don't know how many colds, viruses, bacterial infections, flues, injuries, poison ivy, emotional issues, etc. my QT practitioner has treated our family for. We almost never go to the doctor now. We take no drugs of any kind. Any time we are considering a new supplement, herb, or vitamin we call him and he tests it for us. No more wasted money or time. Our whole family is healthier than ever.  --The Martins


Stephen, I am the lady you worked on for the tremor at The Noetic Science Conference. I wanted you to be able to add tremors to the list of things you do, as mine is completely gone. My head does not shake, my hands do not shake, I do not shake on the inside and I can write and other people can read what I have written. I will send you as many clients as I can. I have a friend who shakes inside and I gave your number too. I also gave it to my chiropractor and she was very interested. Again thank you.  --Jeanne

Wasp Sting

Thanks for helping me deal with an allergic reaction to a wasp sting. In the past two years, I have been stung twice by a wasp on my hand; each time my entire hand swelled up, and became very red, sore and hot-- taking Benadryl did not seem to help. I couldn't use my fingers because they were so swollen. And it took at least a week for the swelling and intense pain to go away.​ When I stepped on a wasp, I expected the same reaction. In fact within a few hours my entire foot was swollen, red, hot and painful. Soon after you did the QT treatment I was able to start to move my toes again, and the swelling stopped increasing and started to subside. About 24 hours later, my foot was 90% better. And 48 hours later there is very little pain and the swelling is gone. Thanks so much for your help! Blessings, Emily


Wheat and Gluten Allergy

The following is a clients response to Robert Austin, following a free 15-minute consultation and a 12-minute follow-up session.

Hi! I wanted to let you know how I am doing. Fantastic!  I feel completely different than I did--in a good way.  I got off wheat/gluten and it really has changed my life.   I feel so much more grounded and calm.  I got into some gluten by mistake (carmel coloring) and it sent me into a nervous itching episode, couldn't concentrate, anxious, my back breaking out in sores, etc. I thought, "Wow, this is how I USED to be all the time." Let me list a few things that have changed for me:  My hair is now growing at a normal rate!  I used to just get it highlighted every 5-6 months---I had to get it rehighlighted in just 7 weeks!  (This is huge for me---I've always worried about my hair not growing--I knew something was wrong) My eyesight has improved!  I will drive home from work and realize that I have left my glasses at work.  I ALWAYS needed my glasses to drive. My skin is not breaking out---after searching for info on gluten free diets I came across the celiac disease site and found out about dermatitis herpetiformis.  That is exactly what I always had!  Thank God, I mostly broke out on my shoulders and back and summertime would come around and I could never wear any back-baring things.  Not any more! I am actually not embarrassed by my back anymore. I have SO MUCH MORE energy.  REAL energy--not the nervous, fake energy that would eventually wear me out, but real, honest to goodness energy.  I actually want to get up in the morning! Oh, and my back isn't constantly killing me.  I thought I had arthritis in my spine.  I am like Gumby now.  Just relaxed and flexible--not so rigid.  My chiropractor says I am not in a constant "flight or fight" response. Those are the biggies---but so many more little things that add up to a whole new me.  Well, same me, but new and improved! I am also dating someone who is older than I am.  The first in over 10 years!  That is totally due to the QT releasing old fears.  Thank you! Seriously, my life is sooo much better and I owe it all to you. Thank you so much! Love and Laughter,  B.C.