Energy Reversal

The Role of Energy Reversals in Healing

What does “Energy Reversal” mean? The term “Energy Reversal” simply means that a person's energy is flowing in the opposite direction than it normally would be. This term can also mean that the person's “meridian” energy is flowing in a counterclockwise rotation, opposite of the norm. In a state of energy reversal, the body's healing process becomes severely impaired. The best example of an energy reversal and its effects on healing is that of a broken bone.

Anaphylactic Shock

How to Save a Life with Energy Medicine

I had an emergency call from the mother of an 18-month old who was having an urgently severe reaction to something she ate. She had developed a rash and started coughing with difficulty breathing. As the mother got ready to rush to the ER, she decided to call me, because she didn't think she would make it to the hospital in time. In 90 seconds, the severe reactions were completely cleared by giving a silent QT code for the infant. Obviously the mother was also hugely relieved.

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