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Nightshades List

  • angel and devil's trumpets (edible flowers)
  • artichokes
  • ashwagandha
  • Atropine and Scopolamine, used in sleeping pills
  • baking powders (most contain potato starch)
  • bell pepper
  • belladonna - the homeopathic (this is highly precautionary as homeopathics contain virtually no measurable "active" chemical)                         

Why People Lose Treatments

Besides toxins, here are some other reasons why people lose treatments...   Ken came to my office, suffering from a lifetime of trauma, grief, alcoholism (in recovery) and two years of severe back pain and migraines. He was so relieved that QT quieted the racing thoughts and stopped the pain and migraines. Halfway home, it all came crashing back in. In the next session, he said that as he was nearing home, he did a double take and said "this is not right. I don't deserve this." As we talked, an additional factor emerged.

The Value of Self Testing

In all life decisions, whether about your health, foods, or relationships, you need to know your unconscious truth. No healer or doctor will ever know more about your body's needs and health than your body knows itself. In QT, we highly encourage you to master the techniques in Truth Techniques so that you can be as independent as possible. In learning these simple techniques, you save yourself from the number one cause of death in America (properly prescribed medications) and take full charge and responsibility for your health and life decisions. 

The Role of Energy Reversals in Healing

What does “Energy Reversal” mean? The term “Energy Reversal” simply means that a person's energy is flowing in the opposite direction than it normally would be. This term can also mean that the person's “meridian” energy is flowing in a counterclockwise rotation, opposite of the norm. In a state of energy reversal, the body's healing process becomes severely impaired. The best example of an energy reversal and its effects on healing is that of a broken bone.

Quantum Techniques Foundations

The best form of healing is to remove whatever is hindering the body from healing itself and to give it access to its own healing codes.

Perhaps the biggest struggle when suffering from chronic emotional or physical disorders is gaining access to a healing method that addresses the reason WHY the body and mind have failed to heal themselves. Quantum Techniques(QT) addresses the bioenergetic system where all the healing codes are stored and communicated to the body.

Milk Alternatives

What, no dairy foods? Holy Cow! What will I put on my cereal in the morning?

Have you tested weak on cow dairy foods? Have you been encouraged to stop eating all cow dairy products in order to give your body an opportunity to heal? I remember trying water and even apple juice on my cereal in the morning. I know the idea of cutting out all cow dairy products from our daily dietary routine can be overwhelming. So off to the local market I go to find some alternatives.

Liste versteckter Nahrungsmittel: Hidden Foods German Translation

Dies ist eine Liste mit denjenigen Nahrungsbestandteilen, die Sie vermeiden sollten.  Die Liste soll Ihnen helfen zu identifizieren, in welchen normalen Nahrungsmitteln diese Nahrungsbestandteile enthalten sind.  Beispielsweise befinden sich Eier oder  Eierprodukte im Backpulver.  Lesen Sie sich die aufgeführten normalen Nahrungsmittel sorgfältig durch.

List of Hidden Foods

This is a list of common foods that can help you to identify which items to avoid, as these may be hidden within the products that are listed.  For example, egg or by-products may be found in baking powders.  Be sure to read all labels carefully.


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