Quantum Techniques Founders


In this second teleclinic discussing EMF's and how they impact us, we'll interview Dr. Stephen Daniel, cofounder of Quantum Techniques to get a clear picture of how QT deals with the topic of electromagnetic frequencies.  Let's try to get the anwer to these questions:


Dear Beth and Stephen,

Thank-you for the work you do through Quantum Techniques.

The meditation CD has helped me enormously and probably was my first really deep significant shift. I first started listening to it last December and I created a love memory of being perfectly united with God and this has helped centre and heal me and become aware of God as a safe and loving Being, who is always with me. Just knowing this I feel much calmer and peaceful.


Quantum Techniques 101 Teleclinic

Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel will answer the most common questions about Quantum Techniques that they receive from newcomers to QT and from ongoing clients.  This will include such questions as: 


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