Quantum Techniques Session


Quantum Techniques 101 Teleclinic

Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel will answer the most common questions about Quantum Techniques that they receive from newcomers to QT and from ongoing clients.  This will include such questions as: 

Quantum Techniques Session Fees

Because of the intense and lengthy research and development that has gone into this work, its high success rate, and the accessibility of our Practitioners, we charge from $5.00 to $7.50 per minute, depending on which practitioner you work with (reference each practitioner's individual bio pages to see specific rates). When QT began in 1998 our practitioner fees were $6.67 - this basic practitioner rate has never been increased.

Quantum Techniques First Session Guarantee

Most issues, such as those involving pain, trauma, and emotion, respond immediately to bioenergetic correction with Quantum Techniques. More complex issues involving autoimmune process or chronic illness with pathological tissue and biological agents take longer to resolve. An example would be a person with a massive fungal infection and gut dysbiosis with hidden virus and parasites. This client will need to avoid certain foods and take a supplement or two to help clear the fungus, virus and parasites along with reading the Quantum Techniques code.


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