My daughter was getting very anxious when I put her into her car seat (capsule) and she used to cry until she fell asleep with the movement of the car. Steve ran a scan very quickly and gave her a code which worked instantly. I didn’t tell my husband I’d rung Steve to see if he noticed anything. The next time he put her in the seat he noticed she wasn’t crying anymore. I revealed her code under her bottom which stays there permanently and she hasn’t been anxious in the car seat since.


This is Holly.
When Holly had to start going to a new babysitter, she suddenly acted terrified to be left and refused to do anything at home or at the babysitter without somebody holding her, or at least holding her hand.
She would not even walk anywhere at home without holding someone's hand. She cried constantly at home and at the sitter.


Melanie is a high school teacher who suffers anxiety when she has to confront a student. Listen, as Dr Carolee finds what is causing this anxiety.

We will also address issues with memory and hip pain in this treatment.

QT Universal Codes

An excerpt from the Quantum Techniques Client Manual:

These QT Universal Codes work well about 90% of the time.  However if two or more of the most common foods (corn, soy, wheat, dairy, eggs and nightshades) are toxic for you and/or you are multi-toxin sensitive your healing may be more complex and may require an individualized code from a QT practitioner over the phone.  It typically takes 4 to 8 minutes per issue to give you an individualized code. 

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