During a very stressful time, in which there was great unsafety for my little child, I took up smoking again after many years.  I had smoked before, and stopped. Every time I stopped I experienced rather nasty side effects.
One QT session by phone helped me to stop smoking at once. And even while I smoked around forty cigarettes a day, and stopped cold turkey, I didn’t have any side effect. Or any yearning for smoking.
It is now more than 6 years later, and I am still so very happy about not smoking.

Stress Relief Exercise

This is a good exercise to do at the end of the day.  It helps to keep you from bringing your stress from the day to bed with you and waking up with it again in the morning.

Simple Qi Gong Exercise

Qi Gong helps to keep your Qi moving – your vital life energy.

You can do this exercise standing, sitting or laying down.

Imagine roots like on a tree growing out from your feet into the ground.

QT Trauma Code

A very useful skill in your healing is learning to find and treat body position memory traumas. When the body sustains a severe trauma, it often develops a body position memory trauma. This means that whenever the body is placed back in the position where it sustained the trauma, it goes into a fear state. This is often an issue with sleeping problems, feeling stressed while driving or seated in a dental chair. Many times a child or an adult was traumatized while lying on their back. This can be a sexual trauma, a surgical procedure or simply lying in bed and hearing parents in a fight.

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