Cheryl Rodgers

Customer Service

For questions regarding session billings, please contact Cheryl:
Office: 1-928-771-1215
Hours: Monday to Friday 7AM - 3PM Pacific Time (Los Angeles)
Many questions can be answered in our: Policies, Procedures and Forms

Business Manager

Jamie Daniel-Delgado

Technical Support

Hours: Monday to Friday 9am-4pm Pacific Time (Los Angeles)

Consultations for Healing Professionals

A Quantum Techniques practitioner is on call seven days a week. To put your body in its most profound healing state, phone the Quantum Techniques practitioner of your choice for a private session. If you do not have an established practitioner, telephone any practitioner to find out who is on call that day. If you prefer, you may email the practitioner of your choice for more information.  Click here to contact a Practitioner.

As a healing professional, do you:
  • Struggle with a client whose adjustments or treatments won't hold?
  • Work with a client whose symptoms defy categorization leaving you uncertain as to the best course of action?
  • Have other issues you need help with?

Call a Quantum Techniques practitioner to request a consultation as to how our methods can help you help your clients.