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All new clients qualify for their first session at $300 for 60 minutes.
Following the first hour session, Dr. Kirkpatrick's ongoing rate is $6.67 per minute.
Dr. Kirkpatrick is currently accepting clients who qualify for the QT scholarship program.

An Interview with Beth Daniel:

Dave Kirkpatrick, Ph.D, MTP, LlB., and an honorary JD, has been involved in healing practices for 30 years and in energy medicine for 12 years.

Dave’s first career was as a lawyer. He is a graduate of Yale University in economics and an honors graduate of Harvard Law School. As a lawyer, he worked nationwide with community groups that were taking responsibility for their own future by developing models of community economic development. He quickly found that healing of communities and community development is not done most effectively for people but is best done through educating, supporting, and empowering people. He also found that community people need psychological, spiritual, and health counseling as much as or more than legal advice. Thus Dave embarked on the journey that led him to the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology where he earned a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology and served on the board for 22 years. He has also completed certificate programs in Human Sexuality, Radiance Breathwork, and Organization Transformation.

Transpersonal Psychology includes the psychology of spiritual experience, and Dave found that healing frequently requires work at the spiritual level. To go deeper in this area he became a member of the Ridhwan School, a Fourth Way spiritual work group with a presence throughout the US and Europe, where he practiced for 15years, including serving on its board for 10 years.
His next major step came when he witnessed how a quantum biofeedback device was being used at his doctor’s office to help his wife who was being treated for Lyme disease. He became a quantum biofeedback practitioner in 2005, and soon, a trainer in quantum biofeedback, presenting at conferences in the US, including Hawaii, and Mexico. His wife no longer has Lyme disease and has also recovered from a diagnosis of second stage lung cancer without medical intervention. The quantum biofeedback also works remotely, and David learned through the quantum biofeedback experience how remote healing can be explained through a current understanding of quantum physics.

He went back to school and obtained a Doctorate in Alternative Medicine and a PhD in Natural Medicine from the International Quantum University of Integrative Medicine, along with a certificate in Clinical Nutrition from the Texas Chiropractic School.

He has also received training in EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting, and Reiki among other healing modalities.

Dr. Kirkpatrick encountered Stephen and Beth Daniel, and thus Quantum Techniques, at one of the conferences at which he was a presenter in 2011. He has gone through extensive training to become a QT Practitioner. Having been trained in and worked with many energy techniques such as EFT, Matrix Re-imprinting, the Emotion Code, Reiki, and Theta Healing, Dr. Kirkpatrick finds QT to be the most comprehensive and effective form of energy medicine available. Because it is practiced remotely over the phone, it is available to anyone, wherever they live.

Dr. Kirkpatrick has also participated as a team member in two, three-year Spiritual Direction training programs in the Central Valley of California. The Spiritual Direction training consists of working with students to help them find how spirit is moving in their lives and learn how to help others discover the same. This program is conducted in conjunction with the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley, at Santa Clara University. Dr. Kirkpatrick has seen many miraculous changes in people just working at the spiritual level.

Much of Dave’s journey has been guided by those who he has served -- his wife and family, his friends, his legal clients -- as much as by his own well being. Like many men in their 70’s, however, he is prone to difficulties with hypertension, weight gain, prostate issues, kidney stones, and arthritis. As a firm believer in preventive health, Dr. Kirkpatrick is working hard at keeping all of these issues manageable through QT with minimal intervention of traditional medicine.

He does, however, work closely with a number of alternative practitioners, believing that QT can be complementary to traditional medicine. Some of his clients, who are going through traditional cancer therapy, request help in supporting that journey. Others are addressing long-term chronic illnesses, some with a doctor involved, and some without, usually because traditional medicine hasn't brought relief.

Because of his age and the ages of many of those he serves, Dr. Kirkpatrick has a special interest in using a preventive approach to preserving physical ability and mental clarity into older age, preventing Alzheimer’s, and addressing other neurological issues. His clients also present the normal range of issues such as autoimmune disorders, mold and toxin exposure, chronic fatigue, sleep problems, weight loss, diet, etc., but almost all, regardless of presenting symptoms, involve the basic issues of toxins, pathogens, non-physical, spiritual and emotional issues, and various barriers preventing the body from seeing what is present. This is the core of QT practice, and this is just one of the reasons that QT is so powerful.

Dr. Kirkpatrick comes from a family of scientists. His father was a chemist, head of the team at the DuPont Co. that created Nylon, the first of the synthetic polymers. His brother is a prominent physicist, currently teaching at Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Dr. Kirkpatrick has always wanted his energy and spiritual work to be grounded in reality and has presented in various forums on the topic of the positive interplay of science and spirituality. Much of his training has been based on some understanding of quantum physics. He is a member of the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences at Berkeley to stay current in this area. He continues to work as counsel with two scientific organizations that present developments in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Neural Networks. He has found that QT is the energetic approach to long-term health and healing that is best grounded in reality and most likely to be more than just a placebo.