This teleclinic, given by Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel, is a stand-alone teleclinic to teach you how to promote your best and most rapid healing with detoxification and Quantum Techniques. The order in which to detoxify organs/systems and methods of detoxification, including specific instructions and product recommendations, is shared to speed up your healing.  The Daniels discuss how to detoxify while avoiding a major healing crisis at the same time.
QT Codes are given for the following:  to strengthen and open detoxification pathways in the body; to clear and flush cellular waste and balance the body during the detoxification process; to specifically strengthen both phase I and phase II of liver detoxification for those with chronic health issues.  It is in your best interest to be able to self-test in order to get the most out of this teleclinic presentation, but it is not required.
Recorded: February 23, 2010     Duration: 88 Minutes     Includes Transcript: 20 Pages