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Elite Mentoring: 2019 - February

This product provides one 45 minute live training session with Dr. Stephen or Beth Daniel.

On Thursday, February 21 at 10AM Pacific Timewe are offering an additional live, group training opportunity for those participating in the QT Elite Mentoring program. This training opportunity is only available to those who have signed up for QT Elite for the month of February, 2019. This event will be recorded and saved for members who are unable to participate in the live event. This 75 - 90 minute workshop will consist of an open forum where all attendees are able to call in as part of a group session with Dr. Daniel via the QT conference line or Webcall. A complete guide with pass codes and instructions will be provided at the time of purchase.

In addition, you will receive Audio File Recordings from January 2019 mentoring sessions:

  1. Dr. Stephen Daniel deals with pain and viral load.
  2. Dr. Stephen Daniel deals with teeth grinding and hidden viral fields using the hidden pathogen scan.
  3. Beth Daniel demonstrates a treatment for the core cause of depression and clearing neurotransmitters.
  4. Dr. Stephen Daniel teaches a new scan for the first time, the lock and key scan for hidden pathogens, toxins and curtains.
  5. Dr. Stephen Daniel teaches a new scan, lock and key with hidden pathogens, toxins and curtains for chronic issues.
  6. Dr. Stephen Daniel deals with the flu and teaces the new lock and key hidden pathogen scan.
  7. Beth Daniel demonstrates scans for DNA, bowels, eyes, prostate, fungal field, heart field, spinal and shoulder, as well as trauma.
  8. Dr. Stephen Daniel demonstrates the new lock and key hidden pathogen scan with nonphysical issues.
  9. Beth Daniel clears spiritual attachments and old trauma affecting present day beliefs, blocks to testing, etc.
  10. Dr. Stephen Daniel deals with difficult spiritual attachments.

Prerequisites: Mastery of methods presented in Truth Techniques, Reconnection and Physical Scan, Basic Foundations, Curtain Scan, Cell Surface Receptor Scan, Advanced Trauma Release, Recent Advancements, Seat of Consciousness Scan.