Join in QT Elite and benefit from the highest level of mentoring in energy medicine as well as everything needed to build a successful practice. (This session is open until midnight Wednesday, April 22. Please purchase prior to that time.)

The QT Elite is an opportunity for you to participate in the entire QT team program.
  • Forty-five minute telephone session with Dr Stephen Daniel in which you will receive assistance with QT scans, case reviews or work on your own personal growth and consciousness. You'll receive a recording of this training following the session.
  • Join Dr. Stephen Daniel and a group of like-minded trainees for a 90 minute workshop. This consists of an open forum where all attendees call in as part of a group session via the QT conference service.
  • 3 months Elite Mentoring program is required to attend our annual training.
  • Attend twice monthly practitioner calls with the team (for Level 2 Certified Only).
  • Participants also receive training material including the previous month's mentoring recordings and the QT Elite Manual packed full of charts, lists and more!
  • Audio File Recordings from last month's mentoring sessions -
  1. How to use the lock and key scan at the beginning to find hidden fields for kidney stones.
  2. New container/dissociation scan and the linchpin scan.
  3. Scanned someone who was positive for corona virus, she is pregnant so scanned the baby and test fetus against the medication for the virus.
  4. New anesthesia scan for clear chronic sinus issues, how bipolar is caused by food toxins and the linchpin scan where a vaccination shut down a child’s immune system.
  5. Testing a person with a gait problem due to infected root canal.