Opportunity for Learning Advanced Quantum Techniques!

The mission of the Quantum Techniques Elite program is to provide the highest level of mentoring in energy medicine and everything necessary to build a financially and clinically successful practice. This includes QT scans, healthy boundaries, personal growth and consciousness work, setting appropriate fee schedules and plotting successful marketing campaigns.

The subject material in this program will be more cutting edge in that the discussion will go beyond current information presented in our teleclinics and products. Questions about existing material are fine, but the primary intention will be to delve into new areas of study with the intent of broadening the horizon of QT.

There are two primary components to the QT Elite program.  The first is a monthly opportunity to join Dr. Stephen Daniel and a group of like-minded clients, for a 90 minute workshop.  This consists of an open forum where all attendees are able to call in as part of a group session via the QT conference line or Skype.  A complete guide with pass codes and instructions will be provided at the time of purchase.  The number of people accepted in this group will be limited.

The second component of the QT Elite program is that members receive one individual live training session with Dr. Stephen Daniel during the month. The duration of this session will be up to 45 minutes.  All sessions will be recorded with the purpose of being placed in the QT Elite library. On rare occasions, the client will have the option of keeping the audio file private once the session is complete. However this option will only be available once per year for the same client since the purpose of the program is for sharing information with the intention of using it as a learning tool for others in the group.

The Elite program is a gateway and prerequisite to the QT Academy.  You can be an Elite member without joining the Academy, but you cannot be an Academy member without partaking in a minimum number of required months of attending Elite conferences.

Prerequisites: Mastery of methods presented in Truth Techniques, Reconnection and Physical Scan, Basic Foundations, Curtain Scan, Cell Surface Receptor Scan, Advanced Trauma Release, Recent Advancements, Seat of Consciousness Scan.

Cost:  $400/month, payable on a monthly basis. If you use more than the allotted 45 minutes for your recorded session, then normal billing rates will apply to the additional time spent.  Please understand that since the QT Elite Mentoring Program involves a personal consultation, gift certificates cannot be accepted as payment for this item.

Registration: Elite Mentoring Sessions