Quantum Techniques is excited to introduce our latest product: EMF shields for mobile devices, made of shungite, which is a mineraloid consisting primarily of carbon. We obtain the shungite directly from a distributor in the Republic of Karelia located in northwestern Russia where it is mined. Shungite is renowned for its water purification properties and more recently, has been found to have qualities that shield us from the effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF). Common attributes of using it are relief of head and body aches, blood pressure stabilization, sleep normalization, unimpeded breathing and an increase in activity levels. In a nutshell, it restores vitality!

Human biofield has an electromagnetic nature. Cell phone radiation suppresses the biofield and influences pathogenic to an organism. Shungite plates create fields around it, neutralizing geopathogenic radiation and restoring the power of the person. Shungite uses the energy of radiation of a switched on cell phone, and strengthens the stress level of the biofield, setting it to a normal level. Shungite shields for cell phones cancel pathogenic influence of cell phone radio-waves.

Self-adhesive polished disk with the diameter 18 mm. The thickness is 3 mm.

How to use:

In order to cancel pathogenic influence of cell phone radiowaves, paste the self-adhesive shungite plate to the cell phone or the phone's cover. Also works with tablets, notebooks, iPads, laptops, etc.