Get your first hour long Quantum Techniques (QT) session for a flat rate of $300*!  In a 60 minute session, we will address physical, emotional and spiritual blocks to your healing.  This first healing session is typically the longest as it is the most comprehensive.  Many times, people only need one comprehensive session to resolve their problem, even if it is chronic.  Receive a free audio recording of your session as well! Take advantage of this special offer today by reviewing our New Client Checklist and completing a Session Request Form.  Please mention this First Session Gift offer once you are in contact with your QT practitioner.

*Offer valid only for individuals who have never worked with a Quantum Techniques practitioner. Limit one offer per household.  Offer cannot be spread out over multiple sessions and is only valid for an initial 60+ minute session; time spent beyond the first hour will be billed at the practitioner's standard rate.