Taking EFT and QT to the Next Level (free manual)

Contents of this free PDF "Taking EFT and QT to the Next Level":

  • Quick Reference Guide to Core Questions
    • Issues about Abandonment
    • Issues about Safety
    • Issues about Getting My Needs Met
    • Issues about Setting and Accepting Healthy Boundaries
    • Access to Healing Information
    • Issues about Deserving
    • Trust in the Divine, That I Choose to Live in a Safe Universe
    • Deception and Taking Conscious Responsibility for My Life
    • Issues about Surrender
    • Issues about Having Your Emotions
    • Issues about Maturing Parts
    • Issues about Being Present Now
  • The QT Breakthrough in Energy Medicine
  • Introduction
  • Basic Core Truths
  • Indications this Work is Needed
  • How Does EFT Work?
  • How Does Bodytalk or Neurolink Work?
  • How Does QT Work?
  • Taking QT to the Next Level
  • Developing the Proper Affirmation
  • Key Concepts of a Successful Affirmation
  • Forgiveness
  • Surrender
  • What Do Symptoms Mean?
  • Quantum Techniques® Informational Fields
  • Conclusion

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Thu, 14 Jan 2016