Jody King-ColegroveI teach people how to take care of their health and happiness.  As we live life we encounter toxins and traumas in our life.  These affect our health and keep us trapped in life repeating the same stress or lesson until we learn how to get out of the loop.  

I would love to share with you how Quantum Techniques can impact your life so you can get back your health and happiness.

Jody King Colegrove

Title Teleclinic Title Teleclinic Guide Replay or Download
“Women Food and God” by Geneen Roth - Part 2 Audio icon 2011_10_20_Thursday_Healing.mp3
“Women Food and God” by Geneen Roth - Part 1 Audio icon 2011_09_22_Thursday_Healing.mp3
“Solutions” by Laurel Mellin Audio icon 2012_04_05_thursday_healing.mp3
Writer's Block Audio icon 20140327thursdayhealing.mp3
Weight, Self-esteem, and Self-care Audio icon 2011_07_28_Thursday_Healing.mp3
Weight Issues, Craving Sweets and Issues with Image Audio icon 2011_03_24_Thursday_Healing.mp3
Techniques for Stopping Negative Internal Stress Audio icon 2012_09_06_thursday_healing.mp3
Teaching You to Heal Insomnia Audio icon 2013_03_12_TTR.mp3
Stuck in Life and Craving Chocolate Audio icon 20131017th.mp3
Stress, Jaw Issues Audio icon 2011_01_27_Thursday_Healing.mp3
Spot on Nose Audio icon 2012_10_04_thursday_healing.mp3
Post-Menopause Symptoms, Osteoporosis Audio icon 2011_08_11_Thursday_Healing.mp3
Parent as sergeant for autistic child with stress response Audio icon 2012_05_10_thursday_healing.mp3
Open Mic with Jody Audio icon 2011_02_10_Thursday_Healing.mp3
News for the Soul with Jody Colegrove Audio icon 2012_09_28_nfts.mp3
News for the Soul with Jody Colegrove Audio icon 2012_06_22_nfts.mp3
News for the Soul with Jody Colegrove Audio icon 2011_05_27_NFTS.mp3
Mufasa the Cat Audio icon 2012_10_18_thursday_healing.mp3
Mixed symptoms on right side Audio icon 2012_11_15_thursday_healing.mp3
Manic dog behavior Audio icon 2012_07_12_thursday_healing.mp3
Leaning Disabilities, Test Anxieties Audio icon 20120920th.mp3
Heal Yourself with Quantum Techniques: Weight Issues Audio icon 2013_04_16_TTR.mp3
Heal Yourself from Infertility and Using QT to Help Your Children Audio icon 2012_12_18_ttr.mp3
Heal Your Pets; Charlene and her cat Rococo Audio icon 2011_04_14_Thursday_Healing.mp3
Heal Eczema Audio icon 2011_05_12_Thursday_Healing.mp3
Hair-loss and Abdominal Pain Audio icon 2011_05_26_Thursday_Healing.mp3
Gallbladder post-surgery Audio icon 2013_03_28_thursday_healing.mp3
Eye issues, specifically cataracts Audio icon 2012_06_22_nfts.mp3
Diabetes, Type I Audio icon 2013_04_11_thursday_healing.mp3
Controlling, judgment, critical of self and other Audio icon 2012_08_23_thursday_healing.mp3
Compulsive Skin Picking Audio icon 2012_06_28_thursday_healing.mp3
Chronic Skin Issues, Acne, Rosacea, Inflammation, Itchy skin Audio icon 2012_01_19_thursday_healing.mp3