This section contains all the information you need to know to get started quickly and to get the most benefit from your bioenergetic correction.

Let's get started...

To enter the Time Saver Codes, touch the body location points as shown in Carolee's video or go to the document below the video (which contain the charts and codes).  Touch the points while saying each abbreviation and the word it stands for (for example, “eb for EyeBrow”).  This “enters” into the body the healing alphabet we use in our codes.  After doing this, you will rarely have to actually tap out a code on the body.  You’ll be able to simply read the code and the body will understand how to process the healing information.

Click the links below for a complete Getting Started Guide for print or download.

  1. Time Saver Codes
  2. The Nine Gamut Sequence (9G)
  3. Standard Chakra Patterns
  4. Body Points Chart

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