This teleclinic series collection, given by Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel, is a two part series on healing chronic headaches and neck pain with Quantum Techniques. Physical issues, toxin testing, and structural aspects of healing headaches with Quantum Techniques are taught. QT codes are given for many of the different types of headaches, to clear brain viruses and to balance structural issues. It is in your best interest to be able to self-test in order to get the most out of this teleclinic presentation, therefore we recommend that you master at least one of the self-testing methods in Truth Techniques I first.  In part two of this series, the Daniels teach you how to find the non-physical components, such as blocked emotions and spiritual fields, that contribute to headaches and neck pain and how to clear them. Codes are given for those issues as well.
Part 1 Recorded: December 14, 2010    Duration: 74 Minutes     Includes Transcript:  22 Pages
Part 2 Recorded: December 21, 2010    Duration: 78 Minutes     Includes Transcript:  26 Pages


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