I grew up with a family that always used natural healing methods.  After working as a nurse for several years, my mother avoided the doctors office whenever possible. The babies got lukewarm baths for their fevers instead of aspirin, and the brother with bronchitis got onions put in his socks at night for his congestion. But like most of us, it was my own journey back to wellness that brought me to Quantum Techniques.

In my early twenties, I found myself getting sick every few weeks, having no energy, and a young daughter to keep up with. I started to muscle test for all of my food. I immediately stopped having stomach aches and getting sick, my energy slowly returned to a functional level. However, I still had food allergies, low energy, and mood swings. This drove me to continue my search for a more effective and thorough means of healing. I knew there must be something out there that would work. So when my friend began talking about Quantum Techniques, I just knew I had to learn it. I went straight to the website, dusted off my muscle testing skills and jumped in. It has proved to be an invaluable journey, increasing my joy, health, and quality of life. I am excited to share it with anyone who is ready to heal!

Heather has been a massage therapist since 1991 and has an extensive array of study including Lymphatic, Structural, Ortho bionomy, Myofascial, Thai massage, Shiatsu, Reiki, Cranial Sacral, Visceral, Watsu, Prenatal massage and energy work. She has worked at the five star spa level at Spa Four Seasons Wailea, Maui for over 11 years, and during 6 of them, served as a Lead Therapist. She enjoys chanting, yoga, the brilliance of nature, making gemstone jewelry, creative healthy cooking, and now, sharing Quantum Techniques with others who are interested in healing.

For appointments contact Heather at 808-344-0325 or way2healyou@gmail.com.

Certified on: 
Mon, 08 May 2017