Part 1: Recorded January 10, 2012  In part one of this teleclinic you will learn about premenstrual syndrome the things that can contribute to hormone imbalances including certain foods, and how to help yourself balance hormones as they pertain to PMS. We will talk about the out of control emotions, the pain, the bloated feeling etc.  We will also discuss hormone caused infertility in this teleclinic.  We will discuss herbal remedies that can help balance hormones in males and support male libido, and herbs for females to help balance female hormones.  Codes will be given to balance hormones. Duration: 1 hour.  Includes Transcript: 20 pages
Part 2: Recorded January 24, 2012  In Part Two of this teleclinic series on hormones, we will discuss the role that hormones play in depression, and premature aging and greying, exhaustion, and a myriad of other symptoms. How our water supply may have chemicals that contribute to these imbalances.  Codes will be given to balance these hormones, and clear receptor sites.  Duration: 1 hour.  Includes Transcript: 22 pages
Part 3: Recorded Tuesday, February 21st, 2012  In the third and final installment of the hormone teleclinic series, Dr. Carolee Johnson will be talking about how balancing certain hormones can help heal head injuries, and how head trauma affects certain hormone functions.  We will find out why woman crave chocolate.  This discussion will also include hormones created by the heart, and what effect they have on cancer.  Codes will be given to help clear and balance certain hormones.  Duration: 1 hour.  Includes Transcript: 19 pages