The Truth About Iodine and Why It Is Essential to Our Good Health.  In this teleclinic Dr Carolee Johnson discusses the importance of iodine in our lives.

  • She talks about how iodine supplementation can actually raise our IQ levels, clear brain fog, obesity, and a myriad of other symptoms and conditions.
  • She talks about how our current lifestyle challenges us by flushing necessary iodine out of our systems causing thyroid issues and all sorts of havoc for our bodies, and tells us how to supplement with iodine.
  • Dr Carolee gives codes to help flush bromides from cell surface receptor sites so that your body will be more receptive to iodine supplementation.
Hosted by: Dr. Carolee Johnson
Recorded: Tuesday, August 26, 2014
Duration: 1 hour
Includes Transcript: 20 pages