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All new clients qualify for their first session at $300 for 60 minutes.
Following the first hour session, JJ Curren’s ongoing rate is $6.67 per minute ($5.00/minute for AD Military and veterans).
JJ Curren is currently accepting clients who qualify for the QT scholarship program.
He will record your phone session at no additional charge. This recording will be sent to you through email.

An Interview: JJ and Dr. Stephen Daniel: 

In 2018, JJ became certified in Quantum Techniques (QT). JJ served for 36 years in the US Coast Guard as a Naval Engineer and first responder. He was a sought out “problem solver” and “fixer” throughout his career. As an experienced first responder in the Coast Guard, JJ has a first-hand perspective on the impact of trauma on health and how to help people heal. Trauma is a key component of all non-healing chronic issues and many acute issues experienced by the vast majority of our clients. JJ’s journey is unique: From military man to healer. He also has his Bachelor’s Degree in leadership and management.

As a first responder to 6 major hurricanes, the 9/11 attack on New York City and traveling the globe to over 56 countries to enforce laws and treaties, his career exposed him to many manmade, environmental and natural disasters. In addition to chemicals, vaccines, heavy metals, pollutants, etc., there were non-physical traumas which left a lasting impression on the mind and body.

In 2008, JJ was diagnosed with numerous sleeping disorders including insomnia. Traditional approaches always treated the symptoms with medications. However, JJ was looking for alternative modalities to combat the cause. He was first introduced to QT in 2012 when stationed overseas, and thus began his journey towards true healing.

JJ was diagnosed with gout in 2012. Having an attack every three months lasting for almost a month at a time was not very pleasant. He began working remotely on this issue through QT and the attacks became less frequent and shorter in duration. He is on no medications and has not had a recurrence since 2016.

JJ has had significant dental challenges due to the lack of high quality dental care on the job and 36 years of required vaccinations and heavy metal exposure from these shots and from “silver” fillings. He understands the significance of dental health on the whole body and is gifted at helping clients identify dental problems and exactly what is going on in the mouth that is affecting one’s health. A biological dentist has consulted with JJ to help him determine his own patients’ problems when the results from dental tests have been unclear. Many clients come to QT with chronic health problems where a dental infection has been completely missed by their previous caregivers.

JJ found that working through the nonphysical issues was just as important as the physical issues. First responders are often unaware of these life events which can have everlasting effects on the physical, as well as mental, wellbeing. Being on call day and night in a “constant state of alert” takes a toll on your body. For JJ, one of these events that caused his “bucket to overflow” was guilt from recovering and not being able to save a victim of drowning. This was the first in a series of similar events that altered his sleeping for the next 30 years until he learned to treat and heal these issues through QT.

JJ’s first few calls with Beth and Stephen Daniel were eye opening for him. He was amazed by what they were able to quickly identify and remedy half a world away while on the phone. He learned to muscle test and build QT codes quickly. JJ has realized his high level of natural intuition through the process of learning this work. JJ also realized how powerful his self- healing experience was and knew he could help other first responders and people who have experienced all kinds of trauma, like himself.

JJ firmly believes anyone can and should learn self-testing techniques and is more than willing to teach his clients how to empower themselves to help the body heal itself. He lives with his wife Heidi in Florida. Heidi is also certified in QT.