Merrill Cook

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My journey in Energy Medicine began when I opened a small natural foods store that I operated for 41 years. I learned so much from my customers, books, and sales reps. I took classes over the years in macrobiotics, homeopathy, herbs, Chinese herbs, essential oils, and healing touch. In 2000 I began training with Donna Eden and discovered auras, chakras, meridians, muscle testing and much more. A new, incredible world had been there right in front of me all along that I couldn’t see. From Donna Eden, I studied with Deborah King and learned to meditate daily. In 2006 I became a member of the American Society of Dowsers and in 2012 presented some of Donna Eden’s work. At the Dowsers I met Mo Wheeler, a retired psychologist, who further expanded my awareness, and I joined her team, Energy Healing Partners. I studied and became a hypnotist too because I always had a lifelong fascination with it.

My store manager helped me discover the world of EFT and Gary Craig. And like many others, I saw Stephen and Beth and their truth resonated profoundly within me. I had a couple of sessions with Carolee Johnson and learned of my food sensitivities and how I was being affected by the traumas in my life - especially the loss of a son at age 11. My psoriasis cleared up as I cleaned up my diet. After the devastating death of my wonderful husband to colon cancer, I knew I needed to pursue healing deeper. I decided to become a massage therapist so I would be legal to touch people. I opened at my store which included a small energy practice in my healing space, the Possibilities Room. I became a Certified Body and Emotion practitioner in order to have more tools in my tool belt. 

The Daniels had always resonated truth for me and because of that I had purchased various products from them over the years. In September 2017 I body dowsed that I should participate in an Elite session. It was fabulous and I knew then, as I know now, that this where I should be.

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Tue, 13 Feb 2018


Submitted by SharolynSmidt on

Hi Merrill,
We have enjoyed hearing you on the calls with Cheyene as well.  Hopefully, we are not far behind you! Best wishes for making this your next happiness.  Jim and Sharolyn Smidt

Submitted by merrillcook on

Hi Sharolyn,
Thanks for your kind words! You'll be joining me soon!
Best wishes,Merrill