What, no dairy foods? Holy Cow! What will I put on my cereal in the morning?

Have you tested weak on cow dairy foods? Have you been encouraged to stop eating all cow dairy products in order to give your body an opportunity to heal? I remember trying water and even apple juice on my cereal in the morning. I know the idea of cutting out all cow dairy products from our daily dietary routine can be overwhelming. So off to the local market I go to find some alternatives.

It was no surprise that the local health food stores (Whole Foods, Wild Oats, Henry's, Frontier Market, Mother's, Trader Joe's) carried a wide selection of cow dairy alternatives. Whole Foods even features a series of shopping lists and information on special diets (including dairy free) called “Celebrating Your Choices”. But I was surprised to see that even my local supermarket chain and giant discount store also stocked a limited selection of cow dairy free products.

Below are some of the cow dairy alternatives I found right in my local markets: 

  • Goat: Whole milk, low-fat milk, feta cheese. Note that feta cheese is traditionally made from goat or sheep's milk, however read the label. Today it is often made from cow's milk instead.
  • Sheep: Cheese
  • Rice: Milk, ice cream, cheese and cream cheese.
  • Almond: Milk, plain and vanilla.
  • Hazelnut: Milk
  • Multigrain: Milk (includes oat groats, triticale, barley, soy, brown rice and amaranth) 
  • Soy: There are a variety of products made from soy. However since soy tests as a toxin for many people, it is not recommended as a good alternative. In the frozen section there were a variety of cow dairy free foods from pizza to macaroni and cheese, however beware, they are usually made from soy. 
  • Frozen Desserts: Sorbets are a great ice cream alternative. They are 100% dairy/soy free frozen desserts made from fruit.

It has been our experience at QT that many clients muscle test strong for goat and sheep milk products, and they are a delicious and available alternative to cow dairy. I even found sources online where you can order organic goat dairy products shipped directly to your home. 

No matter what alternative product you try, remember to always muscle test. For self-testing methods, refer to the QT Truth Techniques. It demonstrates many different self-testing methods that are simple to master.

Testing for dietary intolerance is critical for cow dairy foods. When a person has a dietary intolerance to cow dairy, their digestive system is not producing enough lactase enzyme to break down the complex lactose sugar into simpler sugars. The lactose sugar ferments in the small intestine, producing gas, bloating, cramps and diarrhea. This is the underlying cause for many types of allergies and fungal issues. Refer to the QT Truth Techniques for more information.

But what if you have also tested weak for wheat…no cereal, no bread, not even pasta? Suggestions for alternatives to wheat products will be featured in future newsletters.

Until then, Happy Eating!

Christy Beth Evans, MA