This is a checklist to assist you in following the required steps prior to your first call with a practitioner:

  1. Choose a Practitioner.
  2. Complete the  Session Request Form and Client History Form (both forms must be completed and in the office prior to your first session; the QT Office Manager, Cheryl , will then forward them to your practitioner).
  3. Enter the treatment points with the Getting Started Charts.
  4. Wait to hear from your practitioner that they have received your information; if you do not hear from them within 2 business days of submitting your forms, feel free to email them directly and copy Cheryl at
  5. Call your practitioner for the session. Please listen to the message and follow the prompts and you will be called back in the order in which your practitioner receives the calls.

If you have questions on anything related to this process please call Cheryl  at 928-771-1215 or 888-767-8002.

Practitioners suggest that you send them a brief email the day before you plan to call as this gives them time to re-familiarize themselves with your personal history ahead of time, which saves you time and money. If possible, add a photo of yourself in the appropriate area when completing the Session Request Form as it can be used as a scanning tool for the practitioner. Please make sure to include the photo on the Session Request Form that contains your other information as opposed to submitting more than one form.

We suggest that you copy your chosen practitioners contact information from our website and keep it with you. This way you will have the information ready any time you need to contact them or check on their on-call hours.