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New Client Checklist

This is a checklist to make sure you follow the required steps prior to your first call with a practitioner:

  1. Choose a Practitioner.
  2. Complete your  Session Request Form and Client History Form (The forms must be completed and in the office prior to your first session).
  3. Enter the treatment points with the Getting Started Charts prior to your first session.
  4. Wait to hear back from your practitioner that they have received and reviewed your Session Request Form.
  5. Call your Practitioner.  Please listen to the message and follow the promts.

If you have questions on anything related to this process call the QT Office Manager, Cheryl DeMauro, at 928-771-1215 or 888-767-8002.

Once all of the paperwork is in the office, only the history portion will be forwarded to your practitioner.

Practitioners suggest that you send an email the day before your call to let them know you will be calling. This gives them time to re-familiarize themselves with your form prior to your call.

After all of the above steps have been completed you, the client, page the practitioner. Listen to their message and follow the prompts. Make sure that you leave your entire phone number; hang up and they will call you back in the order in which they receive the calls (unless you have a special arrangement with your practitioner).

Some practitioners like you to email a photo of yourself to them ahead of time. If you wish it can be added directly on your Session Request Form. It is used as a scanning tool for the practitioner.

It is also suggested that you copy your chosen practitioners contact information from our website and keep it with you. This way you will have the information ready any time you need to call or email them or check on their on-call hours.

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