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We’ve found this sequence to be universally beneficial, and it frequently appears as part of other sequences.  It can also be done by itself to reduce general stress. 

You may do the steps of this sequence in any order.  However, it is vital to repeat the humming AFTER the counting. 

For best results, learn this sequence so that you can easily do it without having to refer to the chart. 

Tap rapidly and firmly (but gently) on the gamut spot (on the back of the hand between the little finger knuckle and the ring finger knuckle) while you do the following.  (The intent is to tap 3-5 times per position/step.) 

  1. Hold eyes open
  2. Close eyes
  3. Open eyes and look down to the right
  4. Look down to the left 
  5. Whirl eyes in a circle one time.          Don't Stop Tapping
  6. Whirl eyes in the opposite direction
  7. Hum a short tune (at least two different notes - like “Happy Birthday”)
  8. Count out loud to 5
  9. Hum at least two different notes.

  Stop tapping