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Quantum Techniques Practitioners

We invite you to work with any of our practitioners.

Please read the biography of each practitioner and choose the one you feel most comfortable with. Since our practitioners are based from Hawaii to the East Coast of the United States, there is someone on call most hours of the day.
Left to Right: Beth Daniel, Dr Tom Miller, Dr. Kristin Killops, Dr Carolee Johnson, Dr Stephen Daniel, Jody King-Colegrove

If you will learn to self test through Truth Techniques, and record the sessions, we will teach you how to do 90% of this work on your own. That is our goal. This work will change your life. Our job is to teach you as quickly as possible how to do your own healing, so you only need to call us when you are stuck.

Call a practitioner during their on-call hours whenever you are having a problem or would like to work on an issue. Your call will be returned as soon as possible. When leaving your phone number, please be sure to include your area code. If you are in an acute crisis, please include 911 at the end of your phone number, and we will put your call next in sequence.  Remember our practitioners treat people all over the world via telephone from their offices so it is not necessary to live in the same area in order to have a session.

Please check your practitioners on-call hours. There is almost always someone who is available on weekends, holidays and in the evenings. We encourage clients to send us a one page email a couple of hours before calling. This allows us to quickly scan your information prior to the call and saves you money. When you call, leave a digital message instead of a voice message. We receive digital messages immediately. We often receive voice messages at the end of the day. If you are an international caller and have been asked to leave a voice message, always leave a digital message as well, otherwise it may be hours before we receive notice that you have called.

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Customer Service (practitioner sessions)
Cheyene Stone
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Tollfree: U.S. 855-784-3257
Tollfree: U.S. 888-767-8002
World: 1-928-771-1215
World: 1-928-771-1215
Skype: quantumtechniques