Healing Meditation (Digital Download)

Make some time for yourself!  This meditation places the body in a profound healing state! It can be used as a daily aid to healing and as an aid to keep your body in a healing state during sleep. Heart Rate Variability test results confirm the powerful healing effect of this material on the autonomic nervous system.  This 50-minute plus audio file combines the best of universal Quantum Techniques healing codes, hypnotic meditation, and metaphorical work.


Truth Techniques Self-Testing (Digital Download)

Complete Guide to Self-Testing - This nearly 3 hour DVD set and manual contain 24 life-saving techniques for self-testing.  You will learn how to access your body's wisdom and how to find the truth...and the truth will set you free!  You will learn to test for foods, medications, supplements, homeopathic remedies, dietary intolerance, several pathogen frequencies and more.  Learn how to test whether or not a food, personal care product, or even if a possible love or business relationship is healthy for you.  Protect yourself from ever having food poisoning again or a negative reaction to a