Advanced QT Trauma Scan and Treatment (Digital Download)

This video includes a live demonstration of an advanced trauma scan and treatment. The concept taught is to locate the trauma field, outside or inside of the body, and “ground it out” by using the Advanced Reconnection Scan and the QT Release Technique.  This new scan and treatment clears unresolved trauma fields that have been resistant to other forms of energy medicine and healing.  The trauma may belong to the client or to someone else.  Dr.


Basic Foundations Practitioner Set (Digital Download)

Basic Foundations is the only Quantum Techniques product that teaches a person how to build an individualized code for themselves or a client. This video and accompanying manual contain over three hours of instruction and teaching on how to scan the eight areas used by QT practitioners to create a complete field: physical, toxins, emotions, trauma, blocking beliefs, spiritual attachments, generational miasms and internal parts.

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Cell Surface Receptor Scan (Digital Download)

For any substance the body needs to utilize inside the cell, there is a specific lock and key cell surface receptor involved. For example, serotonin is a neurotransmitter. You can have adequate levels of serotonin in the blood, and on the outside of the cell, but have something blocking the utilization of serotonin at the level of the cell surface. This scan shows you how to find and clear these issues. All the body's hormones, peptides, steroids, and neurotransmitters are involved as well as many things western medicine has not yet discovered.


Curtain Scan (Digital Download)

The Curtain Scan shows you how to find and clear hidden fields so the body can go into a profound healing state. It includes two generic pathways for clearing curtains, as well as lists to test for the most common physical and non-physical curtain fields. In addition it teaches the more advanced lock and key curtain fields where the hidden fields contain two frequencies.  You need to have mastered self muscle testing as taught in Truth Techniques to benefit from this training DVD and manual.  Runtime: 1 hour and 38 minutes


Healing Meditation (Digital Download)

Make some time for yourself!  This meditation places the body in a profound healing state! It can be used as a daily aid to healing and as an aid to keep your body in a healing state during sleep. Heart Rate Variability test results confirm the powerful healing effect of this material on the autonomic nervous system.  This 50-minute plus audio file combines the best of universal Quantum Techniques healing codes, hypnotic meditation, and metaphorical work.


Recent Advancements (Digital Download)

This video contains advancements in the last few years since developing and filming the Curtain Scan, the Cell Surface Receptor Scan and the Reconnection Scan.  It is not a replacement for those products - you must master those first before being able to understand this product.  What the body can see it can heal.  Healing follows this pathway:  seeing or hearing…understanding and comprehension...reconnection with Truth…action…healing.  This video provides updates for the Curtain Scan, Cell Surface Receptor Scan and Reconnection Scan. Runtime: 1 hour and 35 minutes


Reconnection and Physical Scans (Digital Download)

This video and manual teach the QT student the full Reconnection Scan, how to create the treatment field, autonomic balance, the full revised and updated Physical Scan, and clearing toxins and pathogens. In addition, there are testing tips and examples of the scans. The manual provides all of the charts used in these two scans and used in all advanced QT scans.
Prerequisite: Mastery of material in Truth Techniques is recommended for the Reconnection Scan and is required for the Physical Scan.
Video Run Time: 1.5 hours


Seat of Consciousness Scan (Digital Download)

This video reveals the new Seat of Consciousness Scan as taught by Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel. The Seat of Consciousness is where your highest True Self connects with the Divine or Universal Truth. The goal of this scan is to locate the Seat of Consciousness and bring it back home, into the body. For example, under certain trauma conditions, the Seat of Consciousness leaves the body and/or energy field. It must be brought home for full illumination and healing to occur. This scan includes an advanced application of the Reconnection Scan.


Truth Techniques Self-Testing (Digital Download)

Complete Guide to Self-Testing - This nearly 3 hour DVD set and manual contain 24 life-saving techniques for self-testing.  You will learn how to access your body's wisdom and how to find the truth...and the truth will set you free!  You will learn to test for foods, medications, supplements, homeopathic remedies, dietary intolerance, several pathogen frequencies and more.  Learn how to test whether or not a food, personal care product, or even if a possible love or business relationship is healthy for you.  Protect yourself from ever having food poisoning again or a negative reaction to a