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Chronic Illness Teleclinics

Ninety-five percent or more of our clients come to Quantum Techniques with chronic illness. Some have failed to reach their healing goals using multiple traditional and alternative medical therapies. Quantum Techniques may provide someone a significant healing response to chronic illness. Quantum Techniques does this by addressing the whole person: energetic, physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and relational (we do not address the disease or affliction, per se).


Clearing Frozen Emotional Fields Teleclinic

Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel present this teleclinic about clearing frozen emotions. Many times there is a frozen emotional field that blocks a person from healing a chronic physical and/or emotional issue. EFT and Quantum Techniques are very effective for clearing your own emotions. In their current application, EFT and Quantum Techniques have seemed unable to heal some specific chronic issues. If you feel you have done extensive physical and emotional work and still feel "stuck", this teleclinic is for you.


Depression Teleclinic

This teleclinic, given by Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel, is a stand-alone teleclinic to teach you how to go about healing depression with Quantum Techniques. Several types of depression are discussed.  Physical aspects of healing depression with Quantum Techniques are taught. 


Detoxification Teleclinic

This teleclinic, given by Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel, is a stand-alone teleclinic to teach you how to promote your best and most rapid healing with detoxification and Quantum Techniques. The order in which to detoxify organs/systems and methods of detoxification, including specific instructions and product recommendations, is shared to speed up your healing.  The Daniels discuss how to detoxify while avoiding a major healing crisis at the same time.


Fungal Infection Teleclinics

In Part 1, Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel offer this teleclinic to teach you how to find and clear fungal infections that block the body's attempts at healing. Fungal infections have been found in well over 90% of the clients we have worked with over the years and are a major contributor to chronic illness and health issues. Both physical and non-physical components of fungal infections are discussed. Additionally, many codes are given to treat specific fungal issues.
Content includes:
How to find and address fungal infections with Quantum Techniques

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Insomnia Teleclinic

This teleclinic, given by Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel, is a stand-alone teleclinic to teach you how to test for blocks to getting a good sleep and how to treat insomnia for yourself or others.  Quantum Techniques codes are given to treat two types of insomnia.  It is in your best interest to be able to self-test in order to get the most out of this teleclinic presentation.


Raising Your Consciousness to Heal and Be Free Teleclinics

The purpose of this teleclinic is to answer the questions: Why is addressing your level of consciousness important for healing? Why living in the Present, the Now, is the only choice if you want to heal.  How do you do this? In Part 2, a discussion of the role of acquired beliefs in creating and maintaining suffering and illness; how to become aware of these beliefs and how to drop them and be free.

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Relationship Healing Teleclinics

This is a set of the Quantum Techniques Advanced Teleclinic Series on Protocol for Bringing Healing to your Relationship. It contains all 4 parts of the Protocol for Bringing Healing to your Relationship series, as well as the outline guide for each teleclinic.
Included in this series:
  • Part 1 - How to release trauma and unforgiveness from your relationship.  An exercise called "Bullseye" is given, which teaches you how to be successful in giving and receiving love in your relationships.