Atrial Fibrillation Teleclinic

In this teleclinic, Quantum Techniques founder Dr Stephen Daniel and Beth Daniel discuss atrial fibrillation (a heart rhythm disorder/arrhythmia that usually involves an irregular, rapid heart rate) including: 
  • Traditional Medicine Causes: Alcohol use (especially binge drinking), congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, heart surgery, HBP, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, medications, hyperthyroidism. Pericarditis and valvular heart disease. 


Autism Teleclinics

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD (MP3 & PDF Files) Dr Stephen and Beth Daniel present this three part teleclinic series demonstrating live sessions with a 10 year old autistic child using her mother as a surrogate. This teleclinic series demonstrates how Quantum Techniques approaches autism. Each part includes a short discussion about autism and a live 60 minute session. Additionally, the Quantum Techniques founder provides a 15 minute live Q and A about the case or questions on autism following each treatment.

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Back Pain and Structural Issues Teleclinics

Part 1 provides examples of how to scan back and structural issues.  Part 2 includes volunteers with back pain treated live.
In this series you will learn:
  1. How to test for and correct tensegrity; two codes will be given for right and left sided weaknesses.
  2. How to test for and correct muscle weakness contributing to structural pain/problems.  A code will be given to support this correction.

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Chronic Illness Teleclinics

Ninety-five percent or more of our clients come to Quantum Techniques with chronic illness. Some have failed to reach their healing goals using multiple traditional and alternative medical therapies. Quantum Techniques may provide someone a significant healing response to chronic illness. Quantum Techniques does this by addressing the whole person: energetic, physical, emotional, spiritual, mental, and relational (we do not address the disease or affliction, per se).


Chronic Skin Issues Teleclinic

This teleclinic, presented by Dr Carolee Johnson, reviews chronic skin issues at their deepest level, addressing underlying problems that contribute to skin issues. She covers some of the foods and herbs that help to heal the skin, some of the emotional issues that affect the skin and some therapeutic things that help the skin to cleanse, detox and heal. Dr. Johnson suffered with chronic eczema for 32 years, and offers her experience and expertise in healing these types of issues.


Depression Teleclinic

This teleclinic, given by Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel, is a stand-alone teleclinic to teach you how to go about healing depression with Quantum Techniques. Several types of depression are discussed.  Physical aspects of healing depression with Quantum Techniques are taught. 


Detoxification Teleclinic

This teleclinic, given by Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel, is a stand-alone teleclinic to teach you how to promote your best and most rapid healing with detoxification and Quantum Techniques. The order in which to detoxify organs/systems and methods of detoxification, including specific instructions and product recommendations, is shared to speed up your healing.  The Daniels discuss how to detoxify while avoiding a major healing crisis at the same time.