Insomnia Teleclinic

This teleclinic, given by Dr. Stephen and Beth Daniel, is a stand-alone teleclinic to teach you how to test for blocks to getting a good sleep and how to treat insomnia for yourself or others.  Quantum Techniques codes are given to treat two types of insomnia.  It is in your best interest to be able to self-test in order to get the most out of this teleclinic presentation.


Kidney Disease Teleclinic

What Can We Do to Reverse Kidney Disease? In this teleclinic, Dr Carolee Johnson talks about her experience with her four year old daughter's chronic kidney issues, and what she did to reverse the disease and heal a completely non-functional kidney.
This self help teleclinic will include everything you need to know about kidney function, how to test for kidney problems, and testing for diet options and herbal remedies and cleanses to help heal the kidneys after disease has already set in. Codes will be included for herbal remedies.  


Mercury Toxicity Teleclinic

Dr Carolee Johnson talks about mercury toxicity and how to use Quantum Techniques to help this condition. She discusses the effects of mercury and other heavy metals in the body, how to find them, whether the body is ready to clear them and testing to see if the heavy metals require a filter to safely clear them from the body. Codes with filters are given in this teleclinic.
Recorded: September  27th, 2011
Duration: 1 hour


Raising Your Consciousness to Heal and Be Free Teleclinics

The purpose of this teleclinic is to answer the questions: Why is addressing your level of consciousness important for healing? Why living in the Present, the Now, is the only choice if you want to heal.  How do you do this? In Part 2, a discussion of the role of acquired beliefs in creating and maintaining suffering and illness; how to become aware of these beliefs and how to drop them and be free.

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Relationship Healing Teleclinics

This is a set of the Quantum Techniques Advanced Teleclinic Series on Protocol for Bringing Healing to your Relationship. It contains all 4 parts of the Protocol for Bringing Healing to your Relationship series, as well as the outline guide for each teleclinic.
Included in this series:
  • Part 1 - How to release trauma and unforgiveness from your relationship.  An exercise called "Bullseye" is given, which teaches you how to be successful in giving and receiving love in your relationships.