Salt Teleclinic

The Truth About Salt and Why It Is Critical to Our Good Health


Sexuality Teleclinic

Sexuality is not an easy subject to talk about.  Our society, religion, & family sometimes have competing beliefs about our sexuality & how we should feel, act, & behave.  Jody suggests a book that has helped her sort through this maze of ideas.  She walks you through a scan to help you clear blocks to enjoying your sexuality.  She also gives several healing codes for sexuality.  Her hope is that in Part 2, together as a group, we can read the book together & help heal the blocks to each of you enjoying your sexuality.


Symptom Intention List Teleclinics

This collection of Quantum Techniques' Teleclinic Series on the Symptom Intention List contains all four parts of the series, as well as the outline guide for each teleclinic.
  • Part 1: A presentation of the QT Symptom Intention List: how to find the conscious and unconscious intentions expressed through your symptoms.
  • Part 2: A live demonstration with Sarah of how to use the QT Symptom Intention List.


Testing Inhalants and Contactants Teleclinic

Jody King-Colegrove walks you through testing inhalants and contactants.  These techniques can be used to test homes, cars and even your work place.  She will discuss “Green Products” and “Environmentally Safe Products” and what that means to you as a consumer.  Learn how to be a true QT detective to take care of your health & happiness!
Live Presentation February 25, 2014 - 6:00 PM PST
Presented by Jody King-Colegrove


Tooth and Gum Issues Teleclinics

Part 1: Dr. Carolee Johnson presents this teleclinic on tooth and gum issues. Is it possible to re-mineralize your teeth?  We will be discussing the real cause of tooth and gum disease, how to not only prevent it but reverse it.  We will also be discussing the anatomy of the tooth and why it is possible to re-mineralize the teeth and heal dental carries or cavities.
Transcript Included: 20 Pages