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Profound Love Code: A Child’s Version


  • My body is a magical body of a super hero. It is made to self-heal. I choose to release all my super power to heal every part of my body and my mind.
  • As a super hero, I live each day in confidence, power and love. No fear or self-doubt can touch me. Each day I put on my super hero suit, like superman or superwoman. It covers my entire body. My super hero suit protects me. Only good things can pass through the suit. Negative things like illness, fear, self-doubt, or hurtful statements bounce off the suit and hit the floor. No one can hurt me with words. I am in complete control of my feelings and actions.
  • I completely fill the inside of the suit with all the love in the world. I am lovingly held in God’s arms each day. That love makes me so powerful that nothing can stop me from success. My suit is fueled with good food, water and love. I will choose to love myself each day. I know that God loves me unconditionally every day.
  • As a super hero, I transform any negative or hurtful words or actions from others into statements of love and strength. Each time I hear hurtful things from another I choose to grow stronger, more loving, and more powerful.
  • I choose to believe that I am a wonderful, unique gift to this world. I was made in God’s image. My mission is to find a way to bring my unique gift to myself, my family, my friends, and the world. I will find a way to conquer all blocks and challenges. I will succeed no matter what anyone else says or believes.

E eb g50 sh g50 sh if e mf lf g50 sh e g50 sh eb e g50 sh if e mf lf g50 sh e g50 sh if e mf lf g50 sh eb e g50 sh if e mf lf g50 sh e g50 sh eb e g50 sh if e mf lf liv g50 sh e g50 sh if lf e mf g50 sh eb e g50 sh if lf e mf g50 sh e g50 sh eb e g50 sh if e mf lf g50 sh e g50 sh if e mf lf g50 sh eb e g50 sh if oe a c 9g un un (first standard chakra pattern two times).

Eb mf sh if eb e if e oe a c 9g first standard chakra pattern eb lf sh lf if eb e liv if e mf e oe a c 9g un g50 eb sh eb sh if e lf e oe a c 9g (first standard chakra pattern).

Feel free to change the wording in this affirmation to fit your needs.

German Version